Ron Paul: “Good News” That Secession Is Happening – BuzzFeed News

Ron Paul: “Good News” That Secession Is Happening – BuzzFeed News.

Read of Listen (video also) of Ron Paul’s “words of wisdom” that coincidently ECHO MY WORDS From Long Ago, and I OFTEN REPEATED over the years! Yes, It Is Coming! It Is Happening!

As I Long Have Stated: As the Federal Government FAILS to Do or Act SENSIBLY: States, Individuals and groups STOP “listening and following” their words and regulations and laws, and Quickly “All The King’s Horses & All The Kings Men, Could Not Put Humpty-Dumpty Back Together Again”!

——“The Egg” that was “the former Humpty-Dumpty” Is Fast Falling and It Will CRASH HARD (especially “once no one HOLDS UP Humpty-Dumpty on his perch”).

“REAL MONEY” Backed By REAL GOLD; not by Valueless Paper must be the norm. The Federal Reserve Bank that is not even a “legal entity” to begin with Must Vastly Be Changed and likely Be SCRAPPED. Imagine an Entity who Answers To No One,  and Is Completely HIDDEN in All Their (True) ACTIONS where “1 government GIVES ALL their Money & Control To A PRIVATE FIRM” = That is EXACTLY What America Does and Has!

So many ENDLESS & Mindless CONTROLS, Rules, “Declarations”, Laws & DEMANDS Thrown Out From Government MOUTHS for OTHERS “To DO, or ELSE”! —- That Only Lasts SO LONG Until “the shit hits the fan” and PEOPLE REVOLT, not necessarily “By Violent Actions (though that could easily happen) But by Simply IGNORING All The Demands and Carrying on “As If DEAF to The Words”! Yes, separate states, areas, peoples, regions Are STARTING “Not To Hear The Feds” and they are IGNORING them and That “just like IGNORING a Bully; The Bully THEN HAS NO POWER over ANYONE”!

“The King is Dead; Long Live The King”! —- The People are BEGINNING TO SPEAK (again, finally)!!!!! Secession Has Begun! It will Grow Vastly Stronger as it picks up speed! “The Feds” will be quickly OVERRUN, Never “to Be Again”!

Yes, I Foretold of this LONG AGO as I Saw the End as “The Game Began”!


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