Stephen Hawking: Aggression could destroy us – Science – News – The Independent

Stephen Hawking: Aggression could destroy us – Science – News – The Independent.

FINALLY Stephen Hawking Caught Up To ME! His Latest Statements are EXACTLY What I HAVE Spoken of, Written of and Lectured !!!!

Hawking must have COPIED MY WORDS!!!! Hmmm, Guess he Reads My Blogs, and my other publications too!

YES, MAN has Gotten Better at ONLY 1 THING :::::: “Aggression”, Attacking, Conquering & Killing!!!!! Nothing More!!!!

— Read His Statements in the above attachment and then go back in time to READ MY STATEMENTS!!!!!   — They Are One of The Same!!!!!  — Ah, but Hawking Often EVENTUALLY Comes to the SAME Conclusions as I Did Years & Decades Before Him!!!

Simply put: Man cannot “Build or Create” but rather Attack, Tear-Down, & Destroy! Man just doesn’t know HOW TO DO ANYTHING BUT “BAD”! Look at Steve Jobs! He is famous for his quote “I am out to DESTROY My Competition at Whatever Cost It Takes”. Sports Fans YELL “Kill Him/Them”, whoever “him  or them” is as an opponent. Companies Work FAR HARDER Not To Make the World BETTER, more advanced in every “Sane & Civil Way” BUT Rather the chant is “BE NUMBER ONE”!!!!! “We Will WIN”!!!!

Notice for YOU, Your Club, Your Organization, Your Political Party, Your Religious Organization, Your Company, Your Home Team, Your Friends, Your Family; it ALWAYS IS “Win, WIN, WIN or else”!!!!!

SADLY NEVER Is It “Hey With What You Know, Have or Are Really Good At, TOGETHER WE COULD …… ? Cure Cancer -NOT- There is TOO MUCH MONEY In NOT CURING IT But In Conquering The Competition To CUT THEM DOWN and OUT So YOU & Your Company CAN Increase the Prices, Cut Your Costs (Both NO Competition to lessen your gains) To Work The SYSTEM So Again RATHER THAN CURE; Keep The Party Going & Going & Going!!!!! Milk It For All Its Worth! Keep the Patients COMING BACK OFTEN & FOREVER and MAKE ALL PEOPLE Into OUR Patients!!!!! “Cure”; That Word Is NOT In Their Vocabulary” They NEVER WANT THAT!!!!! There is NO MONEY After One IS CURED!!!!!!!!!! Man is ALL ABOUT TAKING, USING & ABUSING!!!! “To the Victor Belong The Spoils” & MAN, Can Man SPOIL ALL THINGS !!!!!

Let’s Make (More) War! We Can Bomb, Attack and DESTROY MORE!!!! More building, more roads, more clean drinking water, pollute MORE Land, More Air, More SOULS! We Can RALLY AROUND “Our Goodness & Greatness” To DEFEAT The OTHER SIDE, party, company, society, team, etc.

MAN is WRITTEN With Only 3 Letters! Notice: “WAR” is ALSO Just 3 Little Letters too! Man LOVES COMBAT! Hell, MANY MEN (and women too) Would RATHER FIGHT Than HAVE GREAT SEX!!!!!!! (Hmmmm, I must be More Than “Just HUMAN”! I always Went Out NOT To START FIGHTS But To “Make Love” Literally!!!!! YES, I am SUPERMAN! I Want Nothing to Do With “LESSER MAN”!!!!

—– The Results Stay the SAME: Man is Only GROWING “More EVIL & BAD”!!!! That is “Man’s Evolutionary Actions”!!!! —– SAD !!!!!!!

(To read MY WORDS, keep scrolling down on my blog and eventually you will see the Many Times I Have STATED THESE FACTS!!!!!

Yep, Einstein thought as I, and Hawking too, and Copernicus and Galileo too!

Thank You Steven Hawking for COPYING MY WORDS!!!!! You Compliment me by Doing That!


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