My Words With Facts: Below an excerpt from “New Civilizations”(1995) I Wrote

Dan PHOTO - Selfie - 1-7-2014As you can see; I’ve always been active and a doer and thinker. I will always be the little kid in the candy store: The Candy Store called LIFE!

Daniel Blecha <>

I have a vision of the world as being similar to the “Star Trek” mode , where people work at what is of interest with really no regards or need to worry about food , shelter , etc.

Instead they do what is really the true goal of man – to use ones full potential and to continue to grow and expand mankind’s horizons and knowledge.

BUT ALAS I have a great sadness of the failings of mankind, with its very short sighted and selfish mode, where life is more like a “MAD MAX” type world, where it is simply an everyday struggle of power without humanity. An animalistic approach to life is evident – survival of the fittest… Today I every day see where signs of reasoning ability are almost nonexistent.

People, or at least too darn many, do not think of the consequences of anything they do and they also have relinquished all actual control of their lives because of their lack of any vision beyond “now” . Tomorrow does not even enter their minds. TV , radio, and peers basically tell them what to do, how to live and even how and when to spend their money. They think they have control because they are making the decision to “buy that burger”, no one else can tell them what to do!!! But in actuality again the media is doing just that!!! They either cannot or do not stop and reason that Maybe the cost is too high or the food is not nutritious or that maybe they simply cannot afford it!!! They do not say hey I am not going to do that even though I may get the urge”. Or maybe realize that if they would Invest that $$$ or possibly better spend it, they will be making their “tomorrow” much better and maybe others “tomorrow” better also!!! Society today operates Too Much Like our government, where reality is hidden or covered up. Our potential greats are lost in “me” and “today” . No one seems to keep expanding after “school is out”. Even most professionals and scholars and successful people do not grow in a well rounded manner . Sure they may become “experts” in their own fields but they do not or cannot see the true Whole Picture and how everything and everyone is affected by anything and everything.

I have been so very lucky (I do work hard at it though) to be so greatly involved in such an unbelievable array of contrasts and experiences to luckily see so much of the inter relationships of all of “life”. I just wish I had the resources to almost force all to “sit down” and slowly learn the Whole process of our world . Then I believe mankind could begin to truly begin the adventure which our creator had hoped we would . In a much higher capacity than we had ever imagined.

I welcome any thoughts or comments , and also any help in these regards!!!

———-The above was one of my first ever “Posts” or “Blogs”, though then I had no idea how to do that nor I do not think yet, it had any name. Earlier Years when I was Teaching School (High School in the Lakeshore School District in western NY State, and during even earlier times when I had my Financial Company, and also was weekly Newspaper Columnist of “Learning To Use Money”, and even as I spoke and also as a member of NYS Real Estate Investors Group, and Karen and I were awarded “Landlords of the Year” at HUD’s annual “party”, and far earlier years starting in the early 1970s as a NY State Trooper, I ALWAYS Believed and spoke of these things and far more and on Far DEEPER LEVELS!

Even as a VERY YOUNG “Kid”, I always “felt” and “Knew Things” and “Saw Things” that even my teachers in Grade School DID NOT SEE! — I saw the pain in the eye of the classmate who was accused of theft and was often the “one picked on”! I noticed how “favorites” were treated and Others Ignored. (STRANGE BUT after a couple of years, I WAS THE FAVORITE or at least “one of them” YET I NOTICED “The PLIGHT of  OTHERS “Less TAKEN CARE OF and FORGOTTEN” —- Not many 7 year olds would CARE ABOUT OTHERS I BET!!!! I DID !!!

I noticed how often “teachers moved on” even though someone would ask a question, or “I’d SEE in Other’s Eyes” that they Really Did Not Understand the “teacher’s teaching” or “the subject at hand” YET the TEACHER THOUGHT The Students Did: The Teachers MISSED THAT, And though “I Got The Message & Understood the subject or theorem”, OTHERS DID NOT!

I noticed soon after, as the years went by “I BLANK LOOK From Teachers, Classmates, Principals, Psychologists and other “Professionals” in Education and any others I came across as a child and pre teen and then teen, That BLANK “BRAIN TURN-OFF” LOOK that comes when a Brain CANNOT COMPREHEND any Longer as I spoke and explained!

Later I coined the term “6th Grader Chatting With 12th Grader”: of course the 2 CAN CONVESRSE Well as long as the  subject, words and phrases were understood by both sides, both people, BUT when  “something is said by one and the other side (person) does NOT Understand, Their EYES SNAP to an “EMPTY BLANK LOOK”: That Person’s (or groups) Brains LITERALLY SHUT DOWN, just as if “OVERLOADED CIRCUIT BREAKER SHUTS OFF”. Well of course, the 12th Grader UNDERSTANDS EVERYTHING that the 6th Grader is SAYING, The 12th Grader has “learned”, experienced, “talked about” and worked with and through SIMILAR and Near Exact Things the 6th Grader has! So “WHEN the conversation STAYS at or below “the 6th Graders Level”, the conversation can move on with both sides near equal and understood. HERE is THE PROBLEM: When the 12th Grader mentions something that the Younger Person Has NOT YET DONE. Seen or Experienced, THEN,  the 6th Grader Fast Becomes Overwhelmed and CANNOT UNDERSTAND “a concept” a theory, a phrase or a situation.

All VERY LOGICAL for SURE!!!!! And someday as the 6th  Grader Advances & GROWS “Smarter & Wiser”, he or she will then UNDERSTAND that conversation of that day! BUT again, the fact is “THE EYES GO  INSTANTLY BLANK & EMPTY!

Now, “about me”::::::: I have for decades, even as “that 2nd Grader and looking back, I think far before that, I HAVE SEEN “THAT DEAD BLANK LOOK in the EYES” of MANY no matter what their age or position above me as I talk about many things! The Teacher, the Classmates, the Doctor, the Professional, the Parent, etc. ALL CANNOT COMPREHEND What I BELIEVE Are “SIMPLE, LOGICAL Thoughts and Theories! NONE of THESE PEOPLES, GROUPS, Organization UNDERSTAND as I SADLY “Have SPOKEN of THINGS They YET Have NOT Experienced, Thought About, Seen, or UNDERSTOOD”!!!!!!

And I ALWAYS say, think ad believe that I am NOT “special” or “super smart” or “gifted” BUT “just a common, everyday person” who FEELS, THINKS, and DOES; Just like anyone else!

I really do believe this BUT I also THINK the Difference between myself and others is SIMPLE: Others have NOT BOTHERED To “Think about What I THINK ABOUT, Daily, Each & Every Minute and Constantly, NEVER STOPPING or ENDING! I “Think” to “CONNECT” all Things To Each Other, as if I am RISING ABOVE the EARTH and LOOKING DOWN “Seeing Everything AT ONCE”!

What I Have DISCOVERED is that ALL PEOPLE’s MINDS (Brains) are TRAINED and CONDITIONED (as “the smart ones have concluded WRONGLY) to Go DEEPER & NARROWER WITH FOCUS (Just Like Binoculars do when “zooming in on something like an animal”; They “See The ANIMAL GREAT! But THAT NARROW “FOCUSED” View “Paases By to “NOT SEE” The OTHER THINGS also “in the picture” and “Connected to the scene”; Things like The OTHER ANIMAL, That Bird, That Plant, The Sky, The Tree, The Forest, The ants that are building their ant hills and eating the nearby plants.

Certainly They MISS ALL THAT I INSTANLY “SEE” and taking in THE COMPLEXITY of ALL THINGS to ALL THINGS, the day, the year, the “meaning”, the SENSATION, The CAUSE & THE EFFECTS that I SEE FROM ABOVE!!!!

“They See a Soldier Fighting”!!! I SEE HUMANITY ALL Fighting, OFTEN AGAINST ONESELF and SEE The “DUST” Thrown That LINGERS, CAUSING CANCERS both to the lungs, to the MINDS and THE HEARTS of Not Just The SOLDIER or SOLDIERS, BUT To the Families, the Nations, the societies, and All of HUMANITY and ITS LASTING AFFECTS!!!

I “See” that LOOK a Parent Gives THEIR KID and HOW It TORE THE HEART OUT of HIM or HER, Not “just for the moment, BUT FOREVER! “I SEE IT, I FEEL IT, Just as though THEIR HEART WAS MY HEART!!! I FEEL THE Permanent DAMAGE & DESTRUCTION!

YES, I AM DIFFERENT, Not Wiser or Lucky or Gifted or Blessed; JUST I have ALWAYS REALIZED That It Is NOT Looking or delving to NARROW The VIEW But To BROADEN THE VIEW an Go INSTANTLY “Higher and WIDER & BROADEN MY VIEWS! —-

THAT is WHERE LOGIC IS, LOGIC TELLS ALL “The Answers, the Solutions, “What Will Be”, “What Will Become” and WHY!!!!

It Is “Seeing Into The Future, the Hearts , Minds, Bodies & Souls NOT “just of man”, but of All Animals, Creatures, Plants, the sky, the moon, Mother Earth, “The Gods”, the Alien Worlds, the Other Dimensions (probably 11 or maybe unlimited). I “see, Feel and AM” Part of The PAST, The FPRESENT & The FUTURE “all at once” and “as one”!!!!

It truly is SO SIMPLE and EASY TO SEE But Having BARRIERS and “Conditions” and Traditioned have and will always continue to BLOCK “All LOGIC” as All MINDS HAv Been and WELCOME “NARROW VIEWS, “Looking at One Thing at One Time”, Working Hard NOT-TO-CONNECT “This Thing To That Thing” and REALIZING That “They are Really One of The Same”.

Man’s Minds have Been Conditioned and TRAINED To “FOCUS” Rather than “SIMPLY SEE”!!!! They have been Conditioned to “Trust and Just Believe” what has been spoon fed and put in front of them as THAT IS “The EASY Thing To Do, To GET BY and actually REWARDS THOSE WHO “COMPLY & AGREE” and “JUST GO ALONG & “SUPPORT Those In LEADERSHIP, or Power , or “Who Have Gone Before Them”.

“Being Agreeable and “YES MAN” DOES “PAY” and Is REWARDED BY THOSE ABOVE!

“Thinking and Thought” are SCOFFED AT as they ENDANGER The “Holds of The Powers” over those under, and They Weaken the “POSITIVE, KNOW-ALL Mentalities” of those older, in authority and EVEN “Endangers THEIR OWN BELIEFS” —- NOTHING is MORE SCARY and CREATES MORE FEAR & CHAOS than “Attacking Other’s BELIEFS, Thoughts, Actions & Deeds”! It matters NOT that was not the intention or desire of the other person or parties, BUT to “THE WEAK & CONDITIONED”, It IS An ATTACK, as They CANNOT “Deal With Even Free Thought or Discussion” so to THEIR PSYCHE, They FEEL “attacked” so They STRIKE BACK “with That EMPTY BLANK STARE” or With “Conditioned and Contrived WORDs, PHRASES & CHANTS “like children singing rather than drying as the wind blows hard at night and the demons and dragons and ghosts stir all too near! —- “The Boogie Man will Get Them UNLESS THEY SING These TRAINED Automatic Songs with PROTECTIVE POWERS” !!!!!

—– With PURE Unencumbered LOGIC, All Things Are So Clear! And as Many of you who have long followed me and students of mine know: What I have said 40 years ago has come to be true and what I say “WILL HAPPEN” as it is all so  simple to SEE too WILL HAPPEN all Too Soon! I have NEVER BEEN WRONG though that “Vision” is NOT MAGIC or”amazing”, but simply “SEEING THE BIG PICTURE just as a Chess Master “Sees The Whole, Colplete Game” as he watches lesser players start the game: HE KNOWS HOW, WHAT, WHEN & WHY All The MOVES Will BE, even though “The actual players he watches “SEE at BEST, Only a Couple POSSIBLE LATER MOVE(s)!


Trust me when I say “It Is NOT Rewarded or PRAISED What I Do/Am! As I THREATEN ALL PEOPLES, the higher and mightier, the greater their fear as they have EVERYTHING TO LOSE! It threatens From FEAR all others also, is Once “CONDITIONED”, there is COMFORT in “BEING PART of THE GROUP”, Being POPULAR, Being One of The Boys, One of The Girls, And Each & Everyone Each “Patting Each Other On The Back” and Telling each other “HOW GREAT, HOW SMART, and HOW GOOD They All Are”!!!!

BTW: “Groups” of any kind ALWAYS “Drag Down Free Thinking, Thoughts and Deeds”. Though at first glance it would seem that “more minds would come up with more answers”, the OPPOSITE IS TRUE! Social Media like FaceBook,  and Twitter though ABLE TO INSTANTLY Connect  and SHARE All KNOWLEDGE and THOUGHTS and BELIEFS actually STOPS FREE THOUGHT, STOPS “Discussion”, STOPS Anyone From Disagreeing or Coming Up With Other, New or Different Ideas! The REASON , plain and simple is FEAR, FEAR of “Not Being POPULAR”, “Fear of NOT-BEING Right”, “Fear of Being DIFFERENT”, “Fear of INSTANTLY Showing One’s True Colors”!!!!

Social Media TAKES ALL FREE THOUGHT & ACTIONS AWAY and CREATES WORSE MINDS, Stops ENERGY, STOPS The GREAT POTENTIAL and GENIUS that Each & Every Person TRULY HAS (though most have not YET found or discovered in within himself!

YES, I am FEARED as I have BROKEN ALL BONDS that BIND ME! I Have “DARED SPEAK, SAY & DO” What Others Have Said “Could Not Be Done”, “Is Not Possible”, IS EVIL, is Hearsay,  “is against all humanity”, “disrespects authority”, “disrespects books, what has been and what is”!

YES, I am EVIL (ha ha). I am The ANSWER and The Savior as Others are not able to Help, Solve, “fix”, change and uncuff MAN FROM “Man’s Worst Enemy; HIMSELF! —- I want NO FAME or FORTUNE or POWER or Glory BUT Simply To Save Mankind Before All I Have SAID HAPPENS , just as it will, IF Man Does NOT Throw off his BLINDERS and DARE TO BE FREE!


HELP ME, HELP YOU, HELP ALL !!!! — The one thing I Guarantee It Is FUN, Empowering , Amazing & SO SIMPLE ! It will Forever Enable You and Provide You With Such Sense of Security, Safety, Happiness, Health, Wealth and Pure Joy and UNLIMITED ENERGY & ABILITIES You Never Could Have Dreamed!

—- Want to become “SUPER HUMAN”? That is where ALL SHOULD ALREADY BE, but SADLY man has drifted lower and lower and that will continue to be! “Just DARE TO SET YOURSELF FREE!!!!! Your Kids, Spouse, Grandkids and World Will THANK YOU Forevermore! —- You will AMAZE YOURSELF Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

—-Once you begin to retrain your brain and emotions to BROADEN instinctively rather than “the automatic NARROWING of VIEW”, you UNLOCK Your GENIUS and “Will See LIKE AN EAGLE all Things In The World”!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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