Air marshals’ flight schedules rearranged for trysts, employees say | Reveal

Air marshals’ flight schedules rearranged for trysts, employees say | Reveal.

READ the attached article about “SEX in the Skies” (or “used” by those who “fly in the skies”).

It speaks of schedule changes and “the politics” (and other benefits) of “connections & controls”, none of which were for “the benefit of the public”, the “safety in the skies” or to make anything better for “those they serve”!

Yep, take the part about “BADGE BUNNIES”; those inside the organization that loved to  SCREW Air Marshals, thus the name “Badge Bunnies”!

IF YOU DOUBT THEY EXIST or Doubt the Truth Behind this article, then YOU Are NAIVE and WRONG!

—— As I read this report, I was “transported back” to when I was a young NY State Trooper. At that time I worked in a very busy barracks, or police station that most would call it. Also it was in the center of the state, with the NY State Fairgrounds within our patrol area.

Anyways, I was QUICKLY INTRODUCED to “some girls” who “Loved State Troopers”. As I was married I nicely declined their “Offers”. Before I go on; NONE “were hookers” or prostitutes, but they just were TOTALLY Turned On By NY State Troopers! — Whatever a Trooper Wanted, They Gave!

Anyways, at that time, I must have been “one of the few who declined their generosity”. As a result, nearly daily/nightly, I received phone calls, “messages”, and personal “stop by to say hi” visits and asked again “if I would play”. I recall 2 of the ladies who actually brought in a PHOTO ALBUM (yes, an old fashioned, photo album). In it were many 100s of photos they took; and THEY WERE VERY INTIMATE “XXX RATED” ones of them performing various “acts” on the 100s of other Troopers. The Girls Were SO PROUD of their Collection and Their DEEDS!  —–

Now, regarding “State Fair Time” (again, I never joined in the fun): MANY DOZENS of Ladies came to town for FLINGS with the Troopers who were working the NY State Fair Detail. Of course, their were many dozens of Troopers in it for the week+ fair.

One “noted girl”, loved to perform oral fun for as many as she could. I do know of one time where more than 25 of the guys stood in line and “assisted”. This nice young girl, keep a Pepsi at arms length and after completion with one, she sipped and then went back to the next. She always “needed her Pepsi(s)”!

Anyways, just like anyone turned down, I was often contacted and nearly BEGGED by some of the girls over the years. —- Face It: “They Failed to Do Everyone”? They did not “take no for an answer well” and never gave up trying!

Heck, want to hear of the numerous FAMOUS People who would Throw parties for “Us Troopers”? A Famed and now passed away Actor “Loved Troopers” and always threw “the party of the year on an enormous yacht. The lobster, caviar, alcohol and other chic foods, and “flavors” (let your imagination run) were endless!

It is no wonder that when job openings did occur (rarely), and as the notices went out around the state, that always 60,000 applications came in from around the country. Heck in my class (when I was hired), there were guys that left ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms), the FBI, Border Patrol, and more which I cannot openly say, all who took severe PAY CUTS and lost High Positions in their organizations “Just To Become a FAMED NY State TROOPER”. Yes, we did have MUCH access and interactions of People from All-Over-The-World, King, Queens, Presidents, Ambassadors, CEOs, Politicians, “Famed Athletes, Actors, Singers, and Heroes”. And REMEMBER The United Nations IS Headquartered IN NY.

Nelson Rockefeller as NY State Governor (1959 – 1973) was one of the richest and most powerful people in the world then, and HE LOVED to SHOWCASE His Power, so he transformed “the Troopers” into his OWN PRIVATE ARMY/ Security / Police Force back then! “He LOVED His Troops”!  Guess “that was when NY State Police” became a FAMED PROFESSION! To this day, it still is! Heck, many other states have spent much time LEARNING How We TRAIN, How We Do What We Do, and WHY we Are Superior in all areas to any other agencies. MANY have “copied” much of our training over the years. Florida, where I am presently residing, VISITED and STUDIED NY State’s Systems” a 1/ dozen or so years ago and instantly changed much of their training to mimic our’s as much as they could. I did see a sudden difference from the old training to the new, “NY Style” down here, tough they are ONLY “Highway Patrol” here, and of course, it takes a long time to bring things UP to be “in the same arena”, they are trying!

It is no wonder though that I have can always tell “any cop or PD or other agency personnel from a NY State Trooper” to this day. Honestly, “others have risen” and I think NY State’s Finest” have lost some of their skills and super-abilities over the years too. All Things Eventually Change; some for the good, others not!

I just never was “attracted” to “just being another number”, so it was easy to say “no”. (Someday, maybe, but not likely, I will tell of my own adventures that would make one hell of a book in itself). AND MUCH that you see(n) “In Movies over the years”, I LAUGH at As It is “Childs Play” for the so called “wildness, super fights, high speed chases, CRIMES, How They Were Solved, The ADVENTURES, and the CRAZY things that happen! That part is likely several BOOKS to share, someday, maybe with you!

—— To end: YES, the Girls are REAL, Yes Air Marshals Have Their “GROUPIES” and YES LOT’S Goes On That You Would NEVER BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Heck, the “Ronald McDonalds of that company” HAVE THEIR GROUPIES TOO, and “it isn’t child’s play but ADULT PLAY There Too”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

======= The Truth Is Always “Stranger” Than FICTION ======== Few Ever SEE IT; FEWER Ever LIVE IT!   —- and most would never believe it!!!!!!!!!!! Of Well; THEIR LOSS!!!!!! — much in their lives would change if they did or even could!



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