Coming Up Short? —- Here Are New Numbers on Average Penis Length — Science of Us

Here Are New Numbers on Average Penis Length — Science of Us.

Well, now you have it! How do you measure up? Now you know!

Yes, science has studied males from around the world, various races such as black, white, asian, etc. and here is their literal measurements listed in the attached article above!

Personally through my own quite vast experiences and studies (Lots of females have always “talked openly to me about the most intimate things”) —— Sorry but at this time, I will say “no more”, BUT anyways, this study backs 100% what “my studies” already have told (but mine being informal and gained from the female perspectives of those “surveyed”)

And Happily, this study makes me feel very good indeed! (but again, I already knew “where I stood” from “survey subjects”!  — Yes, I smile A LOT!

Sadly this study above does NOT speak or tested the importance of “skills & technique” though!

Even more SADLY it is the “poor performance” and “ways” that most have/use: Most are “wham-bam types, or “harsh and hurtful” or just plain CRUDE.

Though at this stage, I have NOT completed a study about “female and female”, I can say from the smaller groups of subjects surveyed that most  females never encounter “an adequate male”! They have little or no idea what an orgasm is or have never had a male “give them one through intercourse”. Many females have told me that “all the males they know cannot make them feel and enjoy sex as much as another lady can. Hence, personally, I actually believe that MANY ladies “think” they are only attracted to othe ladies when in fact they actually are ONLY so “turned off” by all the men they have encountered.

Again, “one never knows what they miss”; until they do encounter something special, then it becomes obvious to them. Most “life and die” thinking the same incorrect things! That is the shame of it all!

Sadly too::::::: NO ONE “Teaches” technique and style”! Few “experiment” and for the most part for ALL, it is a “hit or miss” experience, with “mostly Misses”!

Society’s attitude and mom & dad’s approach is “hands off” and “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” and so “their boys” grow up and live totally in the dark BUT with only FANTASY, JOKES & CYBER to go by and live with!

Yep, mommy never bothered teach them to cook, to clean, to make their beds, to wash their clothes, to THINK or SEE what others or “the other sex” is, does and can do and cannot do.

FEW Females are EVER AROUND “Real Men” where the men are NOT “just little boys in big bodies” any longer!

I laugh when so many men say “that is a women’s job” because YES they are RIGHT::: They are TOO “little”, “TOO “ignorant” and TOO “incapable” of doing that job or task! They are “Little Boys with the Little Boy Mentality”.  —- YES I DO LAUGH as the “little suckeling babies often”!  —- Worthless Beings CREATED by Ignorant Parents! They in turn “Raise THEIR BOYS the Same”!

Yes, it is no wonder that so many “girls go to girls” and never look back!  And without going further, very likely why so many men stay single, marry and divorce often and some stay with other men too.

Of course, I  do NOT discount the DNA and “genes” we inherit as causing tendencies too, BUT I truly do believe that much of what I said above holds true far more often than ANY SCIENTIFIC STUDY has (yet) Uncovered!  —— “If one has never had a Dan Blecha Pancake or “Blecha Burger” or Karen’s Sponge Candy or REAL Maple Syrup or true HOMEMADE Soups, salads, meatloaf, cookies, cakes, pies, barbecued chicken (we make) or Karen’s Home Made breads, spaghetti, sauces, or her homemade Ice Cream, roasts, casseroles, etc., THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY MISS EITHER!!! — The SAME about “GREAT SEX” with GREAT SEX PARTNERS:

Heck the same ABOUT EVERYTHING: Few (unless we taught them) REALLY Know How To RIDE a Motorcycle (though 10,000s have PRIOR TO OUR TEACHINGS Strongly Commented “They ALREADY KNOW HOW TO RIDE VERY WELL”. These people include professional racers, “rider coaches” who professional “teach” others (a big joke), or people who have ridden for 10 , 20, 30 and 40 years already! STRANGE But Those Same 10,000+ QUICKLY Once OUR TRAINING STARTS “Oh, My, God, I Had NO IDEA How Bad I Was, What Little I Did Know, and What I Did (think I knew) Was SO WRONG”!!!!!!

Add “people about money, budget, investing” or “car driving” or “their relationships”, or their health, and much more!!!

It boils down to 99.9999% NEVER Realize “How Little They REALLY KNOW about anything” BUT “HOW MUCH THEY Thought They Knew (BEFORE Learning OTHERWISE”

Sadly “the little boy syndrome” holds true for most people, no mater what level of wealth, of training, of education or experience!

Is it any wonder why people and societies constantly grow worse, more controlled by others (BABIES DO Want/Need “Big Daddy” or “Mommies titties to suckle” or dieties to “Take Care of Them, Protect them and Make Good Things Happen To Them” — YES “the LITTLE BOY SYNDROME Is “The Plague” and Scourge of Mankind!

—— So “How Do You MEASURE UP”??????   ——————-


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