Attack that injured US ambassador is part of South Korea’s history of violent protests | CTV News

Attack that injured US ambassador is part of South Korea’s history of violent protests | CTV News.

Do you have any idea HOW MANY $Billions V.P. Dick (head) Chaney MADE with HALLIBURTON in IRAQ????? Any idea How Many “friends” he Has Made Billionaires?

So ——– You “Think” that “America Is Loved & THANKED” for It’s FOREVER “Occupation” and Involvement in MANY Nations Around the World?

If you READ (not just what happened to the US Ambassador BUT “WHY” did it happen): Then You Would Begin To Realize WHAT I HAVE SPOKEN Of For DECADES now; America Makes For MORE “WAR”, more Hate, more Disagreements!

America and it BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL LEADERS (a joke), Its MASSIVE Over-Powering Strength, It “Forcefulness”, It’s DIRECT Involvement (and It’s MASSIVE “Indirect/Behind the Scenes” Involvement, Makes The World HATE US!!!!

In the case of “Korea”; North & South CAN NEVER “Get Together” or “Work Things Out”!  America is “Like a Mother-In-Law STANDING In The SAME ROOM, even BEDROOM, when a couple is TRYING TO “Talk Openly”!!!!!! It Just CANNOT BE DONE!!!!

ADD America Having War Games”, “Joint War-Fare Drills” and SHOWS of STRENGTH to “the other sides”: It RUBS the NOSES of EVERYONE In The Dog Shit!!!!!

Take IRAN: REMEMBER WAY BACK when Ronald Reagan was President and then Jimmy Carter? Yes , RECALL How the IRANIAN PEOPLE “Rioted” and Caused a REVOLUTION! Yes, It Was BECAUSE WE/Us/Americans Not-Only-Supported BUT ACTUALLY “PLACED” “The Shah” into his Position for YEARS!

That “Shah” was CRUEL, CORRUPT, a TYRANT and Did Terrible Things To “His People”; All Because “WE WANTED THAT”!!!!!!!! We trained him, we PAID HIM, we BACKED HIM with our military, and more!   —- So “WHO NOW is IRAN’s Biggest ENEMY”?

DUH – of Course, the “good old USA”!!!

Koreans Feel The Same!

And THINK about “All America’s Help” to TRAIN and Supply the Afghan Fighters AGAINST The RUSSIANS Decades Ago When RUSSIA “was the same then as the USA has been TODAY”? —– Yes, We had OUR CIA (and other military might, economic might and “expert guidance” to Grow The MIGHTY FIGHTERS who With Little True “Fire-Power” that never could compare to RUSSIAN MIGHT; The “Freedom Fighters” Eventually BEAT the RUSSIANS , sending them home!

Oh Boy, “We Won” (we THOUGHT) and RUSSIA LOST (we thought), BUT Since “winning”, WHO is In Afghanistan FIGHTING The SAME People (and their children and grandchildren) that WE TRAINED (well) to defeat the Russians?

The answer is WE BEAT OURSELVES and CREATED 100s of MILLIONS of ENEMIES Around The World! (The same thing happened in Vietnam”, of course as it is in Korea).

—- Have you read about the IRAQI Military (on their own, without “Our Powerful Backing”) Now ATTACKING and Presently DEFEATING ISIS (or ISIL, one of the same)?

GUESS WHAT:::::: America’s Leaders are CRAPPING In Their Pants NOW!!!!! The SAME “Generals, Military People and even TERRORISTS (we had listed numerous times as “Terrorists” who have KILLED 100s of Americans only years earlier) ARE THE CURRENT POWERHOUSES and “In Charge” of IRAQ!!!!!

ADD; THESE SAME People are VERY TIGHTLY CONNECTED and Have Very Close TIES and the SAME GOALS as IRAN!!!!!   — And Now go back to read my earlier words here: WE CREATED THE PEOPLE in IRAN BACK when REAGAN was President That HATE US TODAY!!!!!!!

—- America And AMERICANS Never Learn ANYTHING!!!! They Just Blindly Chant, Gather and YELL “Go America” —- Well did you all “really mean” “GO AWAY TO DIE AMERICA”??????? — because That Is THE RESULTS that ANY FOOL Would have and SHOULD HAVE Seen and Know!!!!!!!!!

AND “all YOU GREAT AMERICANS” Keep SHOUTING, BACKING, SENDING YOUR KIDS and Grandkids to FIGHT in these places We Never Had NO RIGHT To Be In, in the first place!!!!


——- Go back to READ what I SAID Many Decades Ago:::::: I “Foretold of ALL THIS and MORE! And you SHOULD READ WHAT I Have Said “Is Yet To Come (for Certain)!!!!!!

“Invent CANCERS, Feed CANCERS and One Must EXPECT Everything To ONLY BE CANCERS”!!!!!!!

“Oorah”! “Hooah”! “Hooyah”! —- All you fools: Worse than “the Blind Leading The Blind is “Fools Leading Fools and Fools Following BIGGER Fools”!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 60, 70 and 80 years ago, America (and Britain and “the west”) Wanted UPHEAVAL around the world; MANY “Industrial Titans” then WANTED War for Their FACTORIES to GROW Millions of DOLLARS into BILLIONS of them, and The Jews in the western world who happened to often own and be in power of the same Industrial Complexes and “War Machine Making Factories” LOVED it When “Guys Like & Including Hitler First Took Power and WENT on “BUYING SPREES” to Arm Their Military Machines, to Train Them and equip them! YEP, MANY JEWS (just like other “Great Americans” who were RICH, POWERFUL and MIGHTY) LOVED HITLER and Those Like Him as HE MADE THEM $$$$$$$$$$$ BILLIONS !!!!!!

Hmmm, that Went On for Quite a Number of Years, UNTIL THESE SAME “Jews & Other Great Americans” and other Great Western Thinking Powers WERE ATTACKED BY Hitler With Their Own (Built/designed/sold) WEAPONS!!!!!! Yep, “Smart People KILLED “Their Own People” All For GREED, Money and More Control OVER “All you fools”!!!

Then they SENT All you Fools To FIGHT AGAINST “Hitler and guys like him” HAPPILY (though they did eventually become scared for their OWN “skins”, if Hitler DID WIN!!!! — He came VERY VERY CLOSE and Could Have/ Should Have WON if not for “dumb luck”). Yes, the SAME FACTORIES and Companies that WERE SELLING HITLER Weapons, Then Instead , BUT “Still” WERE MAKING HUGE $$$$$$$$$$, NOW “furnishing the other side” (us) with weapons!!!!!!

These “Great People” Made “$$$$$$ on Both Sides and EASILY “Switched Sides” without skipping a beat, BUT even Better; Furthering THEIR OWN WEALTH and UNIFYING their POWER BASES as “You & Yours” was dying, was getting maimed, was getting tortured and FOREVER WAS CHANGED!!!!!!

IMAGINE: What would it be like TODAY if instead of WANTING HITLER to Invade Russia and WANTING RUSSIA to Deplete Itself all the while they Took the BRUNT of Hitler’s War Machine BUT “WHAT IF” America, Britain and the other few western nations TOGETHER AIDED RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!! Did Russia and the Russian People DESERVE to STARVE, to Get Overrun, to be SLAUGHTERED, to Have Their Lands, their Homes, their business and factories DESTROYED as They Lost Many MILLIONS of Their LOVED ONES as “The West Sat By WANTING both Germany & Russia To Wear Each Other, Out!   Yes Together We COULD HAVE Given GREAT AID and ASSISTANCE TO RUSSIA BUT “We WANTED ALL “The Spoils” For “Ourselves”!!!! So INSTEAD of CREATING FRIENDS and “Doing the Right Thing”; We CREATED ENEMIES FOREVER Remembering How We WATCHED as THEY BURNED, STARVED and DIED!!!!! —- HMMMMMMMMMM

—– Yep, You Who READ THIS Will NEVER “Get It”! You will never “understand” or comprehend “The Obvious”!!!!!! “Ignorance runs RAMPANT when “Only Followers Follow”!!!!!!!!!!!


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