Nigerian woman files for divorce because her husband’s penis is ‘too big’  | Daily Mail Online

Nigerian woman files for divorce because her husband’s penis is ‘too big’  | Daily Mail Online.

Oh, you who read the included article likely laugh, but the truth is These Things Do Happen! Sometimes it is the opposite of “the norm for many”; Yes, THIS TIME and “sometimes” it is the opposite issues of “too small”.

Once in a while it is the fact of  “Too Big”!

Let me describe a few examples: some females may have a “tipped uterus” that makes normal entry difficult, and very likely painful. Then there are other examples where a “female’s canal” (entrance) is “super small” “super tight” or has their vaginal muscles so “Limited” in their size and or their ability to “relax” or to “stretch”, that any entering my a male is nearly impossible and certainly TERRIBLY PAINFUL!

With a few number of females it is possible to have sex, but it takes so much time for their vagina to “loosen and expand” that that “time and effort” itself become exhausting to everyone involved. (Sometimes Medical Procedures are performed with limited results usually).

And LASTLY, Often a Large Male Member BOTTOMS OUT deep in the vagina; if it is “just a little”, then it just might make the experience more enjoyable for the female, as more sensory nerve endings are stimulated, BUT OFTEN anything more than “a little bottoming out” and the Female AND MALE experiences GREAT PAIN!

Sometimes “THE PAIN” the male has is also in DAMAGE to His Penis! Yes, sometimes the penis becomes DAMAGED by the sudden STOPPAGE ; It feels “like a car crash” where the head of the penis becomes “CRUSHED”, or possibly (especially depending on the shape and curvature of the vagina) the man’s penis “IS BENT” Damaging it and causing it to bleed. Imagine taking a straw and with a slight “off center approach”, Push on the end of the straw, and note how it “snaps” and collapses at 1 point. “It wants to SNAP OFF”! Well, that too actually happens when a penis is too large for total entry into a vagina that is too “short” or “more severely Curved!

The penis BLEEDS Quite a bit then! SCARY FEELING & SIGHT Indeed! —- Though USUALLY “Not permanent”, it is possible and HAS HAPPENED that Permanent Damage is Done, though that is rare.

With much of these issues though, many times through often and regular “exercising or slow, gentle usage and repetition, the issues can be greatly improved: the vagina stretches to “comfortably accommodate the male and where pain did occur, great pleasure eventually comes forth. —- It is much like “going to physical therapy” (“Emotional Therapy” is also PART of All Things, though nearly no one REALIZES That FACT ), but on a very intimate level!   —- “The mind controls (RUINS) All Things”(for most). Only a handful of “us” “have minds that FLOW WITH US, enabling near limitless capabilities”: The mind, body and soul SHOULD BE “One” = “One with the universe, and it one with them”!  (My Teachings! My Life! My “Discoveries” and Totally Altering Empowerment for all who dare BE FREE! I call it “happy, healthy and wealthy”!

Yes, I “feel” for the lady who got the divorce!  I “feel” for the poor guy who was Too Well Endowed For The Lady !!!!!  —- I will not say more here!


Just remembered a joke an old friend LOVED TO TELL. The FUNNIEST PART was “not the joke but about him and I — READ ON:

—- Once a lion was walking through the jungle and he came upon a huge deep hole in the ground. Looking down he saw an elephant in it. He yelled to the elephant who was alive and well there but just stuck down there “Hold on! I will go back to the road and get my Red Corvette and Bring Some Rope”.

The lion left but returned minutes later. He quickly tied the rope to the bumper of his Red Corvette that he had backed close to the pit, and tossed the rope down to the elephant, saying “Hold On to the rope and as I drive my corvette away, it will pull you out”.

Well, just as the lion had told; it worked! In moments, the elephant was free, up and out of that pit he had fallen into.

The elephant wholeheartedly THANKED the lion and soon they parted ways.

YEARS PASSED  ———— Until 1 day when the same elephant was walking through the forest, and HE CAME UPON a LARGE, DEEP PIT! As he was looking down, his eyes grew wide as he saw The Same Lion Who Had Long Ago HELPED HIM from The Pit!

The elephant immediately Yelled Down to the Lion “Hold on, I will get you out in a moment”!

The Lion Yelled Back “How Can You Bet Me Out of This Deep Pit?  — You Don’t Have a Red Corvette”!!!!

The Elephant SAYING NOT ANOTHER Word, simply Stretched His LONG Thick TRUNK Down and quietly said “Hold on to my trunk and I will pull you out”!

—– Of course It Worked GREAT, quickly FREEING the Grateful Lion. ——-

======= The Moral of the Story:::::::::: “If You Are Hung Like An Elephant, You DO NOT Need A RED CORVETTE”!

—- Now for the REAL “Joke of It”  ======= He ALWAYS Drove a Red Corvette!!!!!! Always !!!!!  ——- I NEVER “Needed” (or owned) ANY CORVETTE, Red or other!!!!!  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

—-and the facts of our personal lives, bare out the wisdom of the Joke. We Still Laugh about that joke and those “truisms”!  —- Life is Good! (I just NEVER could figure out WHY HE LOVED TELLING THAT JOKE as the joke was on him! Guess he is very comfortable in “his own skin”; Good for him!   —- “Hey Stewart, How are you my friend”? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“““““ Wait till my Book(s) come out: Oh so Much More To Tell (about EVERYTHING “In Life” “““““ Sp Much for All To LEARN, EXPERIENCE, CHANGE & REALIZE before they get old and die “““““““““` Life (should be) Amazing! It is For Me. ““““ Let me “take you where you never dreamed or even realized existed”.



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