“No Inflation”! “No Price Increases”! —- and You Believe It? (23% REAL INFLATION RATE)

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Today we received another monthly Bright House Bill. We are “BUNDLED” to “Save Money” (they say)!

AND as Bright House so ADAMANTLY PROCLAIMS “they do not increase their BELOVED Customers’ Bills”! Heck “They do it for their FRIENDS” as they call us all!

Let’s see: “No Price Increase” or “No Inflation” as YOUR GOVERNMENT is so QUICK To Tell It’s Citizens! Well maybe not “No Inflation” BUT “Very Very Little” Your Government is PROUD to SAY!!! “Your Leaders Do It For You” too!!!

PICTURED “is a tale of 2 Bright House Bills; 1 is the current one (on the right), the other a bill I pulled out from approx. a year ago (Due  date THEN was 1/16/2014).

NOTE: “Then” the bill totalled $182.32. “NOW” the bill totals $199.07. Quite an INCREASE wouldn’t you say?

NOW Let Me ADD the ACTUAL CHANGES to “My Great Service” since the Earlier Bill:

1)We Turned in 3 “digital Boxes” that “SAVED US” using CURRENT PRICES = $6 monthly. We LOST the Use of 3 Other TVs we Had !!! “Each TV”, needs “a Digital Device” to operate.

2) We LOST  EPIX Group of TV Stations. To COMPARE FAIRLY, the  Cost NOW would ADD an ADDITIONAL $5 monthly).

3) We LOST TMC Group of TV Stations. To Compare FAIRLY, the Cost NOW would ADD an ADDITIONAL $15 monthly to our bill.

4) ADDED “FEES” NOW include a “MODEM CHARGE” of “only” $4 monthly. (Actually Comcast, Time Warner (same owner as Bright House but differently administrated) would be FAR HIGHER ($5, $8 or even $12 monthly depending).

5) To Be “FAIR”, I Must ADD “What THEY GAVE ME”==== “INCREASE in Internet Speeds from the former “Lightening 60” to the Present “Lighting 75”. Sounds GREAT But I OFTEN Do “Speed Tests” and GUESS WHAT: My SPEEDS HAVE NOT CHANGED (for the better) at all, except NOW More Frequently, My “Speeds” DECREASE to near nothing and Far Too Often I GET NO INTERNET for a while! — Hmmm!


“Adding these CURRENT FEES/COSTS for THE SAME SERVICE Service Would NOW EQUAL (add up to) ====== $199.07 + $6 (digital devices) + $4  for “Modem rental” + $5 monthly for EPIX + $15 monthly for TMC = $225.07 (I did not bother to ADD the INCREASE in TAXES that Your Government GETS)!!!!!!!

Now let’s “Do the Math”(I will average down to an even $225 and round UP (giving THEM a “break” on the actual HIGHER “Figures”):::::::::::

From $182.13 to $225 = $42.68 INCREASE !!!!!!! That is a MONTHLY INCREASE that would PAY THEM from me alone = $512.16 ANNUALLY!!!

Now MORE MATH ::::::::: The RATE Of INFLATION “just for phone, TV and Internet” = 23.4338%  ——  Yes OVER 23%, MEANING That “My Money” NOW ONLY BUYS Me ONLY approx. 3/4 of a LOAF of BREAD!  —- My “pay checks” (I have NONE actually) Do NOT Go Up!!!!! My Costs WENT UP HUGE !!!!!! Your’s Did TOO !!!!

“Your WONDERFUL GOVERNMENT Just Stated “The Official RATE OF INFLATION for All of 2014 was .1%” !!!! Yes, I said “POINT 1 %” meaning “1/10th of 1 percent”, FAR BELOW “even 1%”!

In my “Bright House Bill ALONE” There is a VARIANCE BETWEEN “Real” & “OFFICIAL USA” Rates ====== There is approx. a 230% DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!!

HMMMMM === Your Government & Your “Beloved Companies and LEADERS both governmental, private, organizational and other” At Their BEST (for You) ?????????”

WOW, not “a slight amount of variance BUT ENORMOUS Differences that WORK AGAINST ME (and against YOU too).

Our “Leaders” Spend All their Time, and YOUR MONEY on “Making You FEEL GOOD” as They STICK IT TO YOU and Yours!!

—- Remember, Remember; the 5th of November”!!!!!  The time is getting near! It will Happen and very suddenly and when least expected!


Did your food costs go down? How about your insurances (home, auto, HEALTH, etc.)? What did you pay BEFORE for Cell Phone Bills, or Sporting Events or Your “Co-Pay” (if lucky enough to HAVE Health INSURANCE), your hair cuts, your clothes, your electricity, heat bills, cooling costs, “COLLEGE”, “Education”, or anything you NEED, WANT or desire?

How much did your PAYCHECK GROW? Work more hours for LESS Money? Did you have “PERKS” BEFORE that are NOT There NOW?

—- Need I go “On”?????  —— BUT YOUR LEADERS, from all the organizations mentioned above EITHER GOT RAISES or Added Something to “BETTER THEIR OWN SELVES” !!!! None NOW “have Less” as YOU do !!!!

FACT: Ever Since Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics”; YOUR BUYING POWER and OPPORTUNITIES have DROPPED HUGE! BUT “Those In Control” , “Those Who Head Up Organizations” and Those NEAR “those In Power and “In Authority” HAVE INCREASED THEIR WEALTH and PAY not just 30% or even 50% or even 100% compared to YOURS. OFTEN Those “%s” are in the 10,000+ and 100,000% and MORE Than YOURS !!!!!  —- and SADLY “you support and work for THEM”!!!!! “Public or Private”, “For Profit or Non Profit” or Government or Education, or other “services to YOU and Yours, or CEOs or even “Charities”; THEY SCREW YOU Immensely and THINK THEY “are Doing You a FAVOR” and they “sleep well” THINKING “They Are GREAT and Good People”!!!!

Hanging Time Is Near!

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