Bright House Network & Us ====== (Saved OVER $32)

A few days ago, I wrote a scathing article about our Bright House Network Account.

I told of the REAL INFLATION RATE (PRICE INCREASES) Bright House PUSHED onto us within the past year. The TRUE Rate of Inflation is 23%!!!!! (Funny that “your government’s own Official Rate is less than 1% for the year —– HMMMM.

Anyways, just as I scream to you all to LEARN TO THINK, To TAKE CONTROL and TO DO THINGS Rather than “just go along and just get by”; Karen & I DID SOMETHING THIS WEEKEND to HELP OURSELVES, SAVE a Nice Bit of Money and actually GIVE OURSELVES “Better service” and better options and more freedoms.

Actually about a week ago, I did purchase the exact same model of CABLE MODEM that Bright House “RENTS” to us (Motorola Surfboard SB6141). Saturday FedEx delivered it to us, so a very short time later I connected it, and called Bright House to “make the new settings so my modem could “connect” to Bright House’s Systems.

Well, SHOCKED Karen & I Both Were in seconds when a representative told us that “even though you have your OWN CABLE MODEM now, You STILL MUST PAY the $4 MONTHLY RENT as you STILL Will Have OUR (Bright House’s) PHONE MODEM.

—- Well, I RESEARCH and RE-Research before I blindly “jump”! Last Week we had a Bright House Technician at our house and I asked him about the RENTAL Structure. He CONFIRMED EXACTLY WHAT 2 OTHER Bright House Representatives had told me within the past 3 weeks: 1 on the phone and the other through their “chat window” THE SAME THING: They ALL SAID “Once you get your own cable modem, you will NOT pay ANY RENTAL FEE as the Phone Service is SEPARATE and for Bright House PHONE, there is NO ($ZERO) Rental Fees”.

Someone Either LIED or 3 out of 4 Brighthouse People Are WRONG!!!!!!!!

—- That leads me to MY ACTIONS to EMPOWER US and TAKE AWAY “power and $$$$ FROM Brighthouse”: Karen & I marched right down to the store (I ALREADY Did my research as I ALWAYS “Have a BACKUP PLAN” so I NEVER “Get Defeated”.

Yes, that store was Target where we bought a “Magic Jack GO” phone devise for $49.99 + tax. Online through Walmart, I could have saved about $5 but had to wait about a week for it to be shipped to the store for “free delivery”. Radio Shack and Walmart Stores BOTH wanted $59.95! Magic Jack ONLINE Wanted the SAME PRICE as TARGET, so drive 3 miles down the road and grab it NOW to put to use NOW. The Purchase Prices INCLUDE 1 year service. Though other “service plans” are  available, after the year is up, I will BUY Magic Jack’s 5 Year Service Plan for just under $100. Yes, that’s right; for about $20 per year, Karen and I have GREAT PHONE SERVICE through Magic Jack (MJ for short = to hell with the “MJ” you likely worship as he makes literally $ Billion from YOU and your purchases under his name and fame – DUH).

Getting back to Bright House and our account: I called again and am making changes to our services with them including: Dropped Showtime for instant savings of approx. $17 per month, NO MODEM FEE(s) at All ) Saving $4 monthly there, Taking back one of two “cable boxes” so we will “only have (ha ha, who cares) 1 box to RECORD TV for an additional savings of approx. $12. Yes, as soon as we can tomorrow morning DROP OFF “the box, and the 2 modems”, Karen & I save over #32 monthly (and more as we will save CONSIDERABLY in “Taxes, Fees and OTHER Ridiculous Add on Government Costs.

—- Now let me tel you about “MJ”: in 2010 Karen and I needed another phone line “For Faxing”, so (as I always do) I did my research and read about Magic Jack and according to many, it worked for FAXING, though some said it would not. I bought one then. It was the type that NEEDED to be PLUGGED into a computer to work then. Radio Shack agents told me “bring it back if it does not”.  Almost 5 years later and it is still going strong though we hardly ever fax any more, we do use Magic Jack frequently. I can sit with my computer on my lap or next to me and “Speak to anyone over the phone from my computer, using my computer’s microphone and speakers.

ALSO Magic Jack has both Apple and Android “Cell Phone Apps” (FREE) that are AMAZING! I downloaded them to BOTH Karen’s Cell Phone & My Cell Phone; NOW When anyone calls That Magic Jack Phone Number, My Computer “RINGS”, AND KAREN’s Cell Phone RINGS and MY CELL PHONE RINGS! We can be anywhere in the world and ANSWER our “Home Phone” (MJ)!!!! It also sends me through email any and all messages left by callers if we do not answer. I can just click on my computer to hear them or of course “call my messages” to hear them over any phones, or do either of the same on our cell phones (email and call).

Already since Yesterday, we NOTICE EVEN BETTER Clarity and Great Sound (as promised by Magic Jack with their newest Device, the Magic Jack GO. (Since our initial purchase in  2010, MJ released the “Magic Jack PLUS” and is better than our initial one too they say, but we have never used that model. We can ATTEST “The MJ GO” Is AMAZING !!!!!!!!

BTW: we could pick any Area Code across the country, and chose a Western NY one that is within our HOME AREA THERE in Machias, NY 14101. We also chose the last 4 digits and now have a great easy to remember # 716 (Western NY Area Code) 543 (nearby town of Olean) that we chose especially “we liked the Count-Down “543”, and PICKED EASY to REMEMBER 7060 as last digits.

Getting back to this NEW MJ GO and it’s abilities, NOW this device simply plugs into EITHER your computer (Take it on the road to use in your car or anywhere as some business people I know do) OR as we NOW HAVE, just Plug It Into Your ROUTER, and plug any phone into MJ.

What I did was grab one of our “set of 3 wireless home phones” into the MJ device and Immediately Got a Dial Tone. As the “Set of 3 use the same frequencies”, NOW we Have 3 (Regular) Phones  in the house that RING the same as when we have Bright House Phone Service or AT&T phone or any other service. I have not yet placed that number into our cell phones but I will do that soon. It is EASY to DO!

—- To summarize: SAVE At LEAST $32 Monthly, as Bright house or any “Provider’s Fees RISE”, I will be SAVING MORE every year, and Have Far MORE “Phone Options” and BETTER SERVICE Too (The Sound QUALITY is SUPERIOR to BRIGHT HOUSE). —- BTW; It Appears that SOON “Bright House Will Be OWNED By Charter, so “who knows what will happen then”. Up North in  Western NY The MAIN “Service Provider” is Time Warner who now charges even more for “modem rental” (NOTE” Comcast LIKELY will SOON OWN Time Warner)! “Charter Corp” lost “the bidding war for Time Warner to Comcast, so they “really WANT Bright House Badly!

—– As I SMILE at You All I will ADD: Wait till I tell you of MY “Savings” and Cost Cutting and My “More Off-The Grid” Moves in the next couple of years. — I “Teach Freedom” and “Empowerment” and I “teach” and SHOW “How To Live SUPER WELL For “Little of NOTHING”!!!! Yep, we “teach”: cooking/baking, grocery shopping and FOOD NEEDS to SAVE and EMPOWER YOU, We “Teach ” “Health”, We “Teach” Budgeting and Cost Reductions, we “Teach” SIMPLE TAX SAVINGS in both “purchases and in Income Tax (ALL VERY LEGAL Yet FEW Accountants and CPAs Bother “to Learn Any of This” (they Don’t get paid to RESEARCH”, they “get paid BY YOU To Print Out MANY SHEETS of PAPER to CHARGE YOU MORE (Duh), We “TEACH” INVESTING (Note: It is EVEN BETTER “when Your Money GROWS and It “Works For You” rather than “You working for it” BUT “you don’t even NEED THE MONEY!!!!!!!     We “Teach” Relationships, “Work”, “Play”, Education, Child Rearing/Parenting, teach “Teaching”, “Teach “Leadership”, TEACH PROBLEM SOLVING rather than “Problem Making” that ALL “Leaders Today PRODUCE INSTEAD: Yep ,More Troubles, Greater Debts, Greater Dependencies, Less Control of You over You, Less Freedoms, More DANGER and LESS SAFETY, And “HealthCare”; You all “See Where That Is GOING: Downhill fast”!

All “Easy and Simple FIXES” if One Understands The Problems, the Needs and HOW TO DO SOMETHING (correctly)!

Yes, — We EMPOWER All Who WANT TO Be Free! We Make For “Health, Wealth & Happiness”!   —– When “YOU DARE Be FREE”, Let Us Know! We Will “Rock Your World With AMAZING Truths and Knowledge!

—- Let Yourself SMILE and LAUGH Forevermore!!!!!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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