​Scientists Want to Mine Our Poop for Gold | Motherboard

​Scientists Want to Mine Our Poop for Gold | Motherboard.

Hey, Is this guy “Mining For Poop”????????? “There’s Gold in them Turds”!

Did you ever WONDER “Why in THE MATRIX”, humans were kept “plugged into Systems” as they were maintained unconscious and unaware; kept in a vegetative state, more or less?

Well, Wonder No Longer!!!!! Humans were “kept alive” and maintained “just as we humans maintain the herbs on the kitchen window sill or the aloe vera plant for use in cuts and scrapes”!

YES, the Controllers of The Earth MAINTAINED HUMANS Not for their knowledge or wit, BUT “for their SHIT”, Literally!!!!! Yes, after you read the attached article that tells of “mining human waste” (pee and poop) for the minerals and valuable elements such as SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and Other Rare Elements!

Science is fast realizing that Human Shit Is WORTH $BILLIONS in the gold and other valued items!!!

Yep, soon when you call someone “a Piece of Shit”;that will be a big compliment to them! Heck, that “shit” likely is more valuable than you!

INTERESTING!!!!!!  —- Yes, I always WONDERED Why any species or entities would even “WANT TO KEEP HUMANS ALIVE in any way! Now I Know !!!!!!!


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