YESTERDAY: An Interesting Day For Sure —–(“See Our Adventure” below)

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Ah, yes, yesterday: another interesting day of adventures and surprises!

“Yesterday” began SUDDENLY with the phone ringing at approx. 6 AM. For a change, I was still asleep when it rang. As we recently changed some phone numbers, “the ring” was not the usual or accustomed ring, but was our Magic Jack Number. That one rang on one of our cell phones.

The phone call was from Karen’s mom’s facility where she lived. It is an “assisted one” nearby our home. The nurse stated that “Karen’s mom had fallen and was taken to Halifax Hospital’s Emergency Room as she had cut her head severely.

Of course, we hurriedly got dressed and went to the hospital. Within 15 minutes or less, we entered her room. The above photo I took while she lie in the bed. — OUCH ———-.

Fast Forward a few hours: Shirley had been given saline solution intravenously, and had been X Rayed and CAT-Scanned: Nothing broken or other internal injuries were suffered. That was great news!

Of course, the “cut above the eye” and the deep “scrape below it bleed profusely! Severe bruising quickly also appeared on her left arm. Yep, “Black & Blue to the extreme covering an area approx. 8” in diameter.

The doctor there came and told us she was ordering a P.A. to “come and suture Shirley’s deep cut above her eye. — Great, we thought!

Within the next hour (I think it was approx. 11 AM by then, nearly 5 hours after she arrived) a P.A. arrived and said “she needed to get the numbing ingredients in order to proceed”, so she said “I’ll be right back in a few minutes”. She then left.

FAST FORWARD Again: Now it is approx. 12:30 PM, and the doctor  entered asking if the P.A. had been here yet.  We “filled her in on what had been said”, then the doctor left.

At approx. 1 PM the P.A. returned and said she was sorry but had an emergency to attend to earlier. She was now ready to “stick Shirley up”!

By the way, Karen’s mom is a severe “Wiggle Worm” and no matter what is said or asked, she Does NOT “just lie still”. Knowing this I was IMMEDIATELY and IMMENSELY CONCERNED for her SAFETY!  —- One slight move and The NEEDLE Would POKE HER EYE OUT! And “That Eye” is Her BEST EYE that she clearly can see with!

Well, seeing how Shirley “fidgets”  and moves around; the P.A. Asked me to “Hold Her Head Steady While She Numbs The Area and Then Sutures The Wound”.

Gladly I Agreed! I moved to the front of the bed and steadied Shirley’s head from any movement. The P.A. began to insert the needle many times, deeply into the wound. The initial insertion apparently opened up many blood vessels and the bleeding became profuse immediately.

The P.A. quickly inserted the needle that had both novacaine and some sort of “Blood Clotting” Medication.

Well, upon the 3rd or 4th needle insertion, the P.A. pulled the needle out of the wound and swung it towards my hand and I WAS STUCK by It! — OUCH for me, this time. A bit of blood started to show from my thumb, but I told the P.A. I was all right and to finish the procedure. (My thumb felt “the numbness just a bit). Anyways, in a moment, the bleeding from Shirley’s eye stopped so we could see how badly her cut was. Luckily it was NOT as deep as we all had thought. But the tissues were torn and much of the skin was scraped away by the fall.

The P.A. asked me my opinion as to “whether or not I thought she needed stitches or if she would be better off without them as they might further distort Shirley’s face and skin.

Quickly I stated I agreed that no stitches should be given; simple “strips of material placed across the injury would serve to better enable her healing and recovery! (By The Way: I am VERY FAMILIAR with Medical Procedures and Operations and Injuries. For many years as a NY State Trooper I had been “the EMERGENCY Person”! In upstate NY’s rural areas (most of NY State IS RURAL, contradictory to what most people, even NY city area people think). Our Motto always was “One Riot = One Trooper to Handle It”. That was and is “pretty much the truth”! “Ambulances, EMTs, other Troopers or other police, period were “not the norm” as “I was it”! Gun shot wounds, rapes, drug overdoses, fights involving 50 or maybe 200 people “trying to kill each other” were common experiences! Robberies, Homicides, Kidnapping and other violent crimes and of course serious and deadly vehicle crashes were near EVERYDAY EVENTS for us. “To see someone you knew with  1/2 their head and brains literally dripping off the walls and ceiling of their kitchen was not unknown to me! Heck for a while we went through a period of time where such dire events such as “One of my fellow Troopers, went home after his shift, sat at the dinner table with his wife and daughter , pulled out his .357 magnum, placed it to his head and pulled the trigger, instantly killing himself!!! 2 weeks later, another “of the guys” started his shift by driving a mile down the road, pulling over and stopping his “troop car” and blowing his head off too!!! — Heck a few others did similar and several of the Trooper’s kids Did The Same over the course of about a year and a half! Yep, I am NO STRANGER TO “Injuries and OPERATIONS to Stop one from bleeding to death and to keep people breathing, the heart beating and other life saving methods. Often we were Also Literally INSIDE to See and ASSIST Doctors and other Medical Personnel in the hospitals too!

When one is a NY State Trooper: One is “Not just a Cop” or “just an Emergency Person” BUT a “Jack of All Trades” including psychiatrist, sociologist, “father, mother, best friend, electrician, plumber, demolition expert, “negotiator”, “problem solver extraordinaire”, LAWYER and Judge and more many times I had to actually “tell the District Attorney’s what to ask me, how to proceed in various cases, what to ask other witnesses and even Tell Them THE LAW and INTERPRET FOR THEM!” We also were :”Stunt Drivers”, Action Figures (far more REAL & INTENSE than ANY Damn Action Movies you might have seen).

Anyways, in short; Medical Procedures are Second Nature To Me!

—- The P.A. applied “glue” to Shirley’s wounded area and applied numerous strips of tape. Kathryn, the P.A. again asked me if I was alright and told me to wash the needle prick area well. Of course I did that ASAP. —- The other photo is the “little needle prick” on my right thumb.

Within about another hour, as we were just about to leave, In WALKED one of Our Former Students from about 3 years prior. He said “he  saw us earlier but did not want to bother us as we were quite busy then. He told us that “It was his first day in EMT actual On-The-Job Training with Volusia County. — We spoke at length and he told us “How Greatly We Had Changed Him and Influenced His Life and had SAVED HIM Several Times on the Roadways! He THANKED US for a LONG TIME Indeed! (Funny But Wherever Karen & I go in any place across the country, We Run Across STUDENTS that RECOGNISE US, Come Up To Us and THANK US so much!!!! — That is a BEAUTIFUL FEELING when even after decades, Former Students of Ours Recognize Us, Stop Us or come to see us or call us or message us in other ways All To THANK US! —- Life Is Good Indeed! ——

FINALLY we left the Emergency Facility at approx. 2:30.

We transported Shirley back to her facility in Port Orange and spoke with the medical personnel there and sat with Karen’s mom for an hour or so, then went home, arriving at about 4:30 PM. Everyone was so concerned and happy to have their friend, Shirley, back!

That was a LONG “morning” with no food or drink for Karen or I!

That was “Just another INTERESTING DAY for Us”!

——- Today we “checked on Shirley” of course and she looks So Much Better and she said she is feeling no pain!   (My Thumb” still can feel “the little needle prick” though).  ——–

Yep, Just Another Day of Learning & Doing, Helping & Serving!


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