More AIRLINES HACKED !!! Germanwings says jet plunged for eight minutes – Yahoo News

Germanwings says jet plunged for eight minutes – Yahoo News.

MORE “HACKED AIR LINE FLIGHTS: Now “testing” in Europe. This is still the initial stages of THE HACK ATTACHES!

Today I have been listening to the various reports given regarding the latest AIRLINE CRASH today!

Though the pilots were VERY EXPERIENCED and the plane was checked before take-off (not the full one but the abbreviated version) while flying from Spain towards it’s destination in Germany, while over the Alps in France, the plane suddenly started plunging downward at a rate of over 4000′ per minute. This flight path continued for over 8 minutes, YET NO “Calls” were made by the pilots!

Does that sound CRAZY?

Another “Interesting” thing (I find it VERY DISTURBING) is that supposedly once the plane is in Autopilot Mode, it CANNOT Be OVERRIDDEN BY THE PILOTS. In  fact, what I have discovered is that “IF One Pulls BACK on the Controls which normally bring the plane upward, the AUTOPILOT Mode INCREASES THE DECENT of the plane. In other words; no matter what a pilot TRIES TO DO; The Plane Software REACTS Exactly The OPPOSITE! — The Pilots really NEVER Have Control of the plane!!!!!  —- WOW —-

Now getting back to the numerous Plane CRASHES over the past couple of years: As I many months ago mentioned the FACT that “Hacking of Plane’s Controls could be Rather EASILY DONE,  and I also mentioned “How the HACKERS have been EXPERIMENTING/TESTING their Abilities To TAKE CONTROL of AIRCRAFT at anytime they choose, to make “eyes and ears” less “suspicious”, the hackers HAVE BEEN TARGETING Asian Airlines.

NOW it appears The Hackers Are “Hitting Closer To HOME”; They are TARGETING/TESTING /EXPERIMENTING With European Airlines!

As I Foretold: I Believe the Ultimate GOAL of the Hackers is to enable and empower themselves to TAKE CONTROL of MANY PLANES Simultaneously so “When The Time Is RIPE”: they Will “Hit American Airlines One Day to CREATE NUMEROUS CRASHES of Large Airlines Biggest Planes with many 1000s Dying At Once! These Hackers Understand (as they test and gain more valuable information about “our abilities to deal with instances and Chaos, They Will Hit Us Hard causing MASS Confusion & MASS HYSTERIA and Literally SHUTTING DOWN All Transportation and even Utilities, Trade and All Movement of the Public, The Government and the Military!

With these “acts”, they will bring America and the Western World to It’s Knees Within 24 Hours!


America “Will Be NO MORE” !!!!

—- Yes, this is what I “see” happening and presently “going on”; though NO GOVERNMENT Will EVER “Admit That to You”! Behind the scenes, I am sure that “authorities are scared to death already, at least THE FEW who Might Be Able To “put 2 – 2 Together” or the FEW who “have clearances High Enough To “Be Privy” to these facts!

It is VERY DIRE TIMES that we live in! Much Worse Days Are Soon To Come! You All “Can Be Reached/Attacked Anytime Now and Anywhere”! (Who knows: It may “be your own government that is attacking you. Catastrophe and Confusion Create EASY CONTROL over ALL By The Few).


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