I Told You So — Your “Leaders” LIE !!! Never Believe or Trust Them!

That TERRIBLE German Airline Crash!!!!

—Ah, “He was a Nice Boy Too” – Now he CHOPS OFF HEADS!

Yes , “THAT CRASH” that YOUR Government JUMPED To “ASSURE YOU”  that “Positively, there was NO Terrorism Involved in that crash”!

Hmmmm, TODAY German Authorities ANNOUNCED that “The Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz, LOCKED OUT the Captain from the Cockpit, and soon  AIMED the Airplane Downward Towards The Mountains to Cause The Crash”.

— Well if that was not terrorism, then what is????? According to the information recorded by the Black Box, “the co-pilot’s breathing never changed (he was very “calm” apparently), the PILOT who at first “quietly asked for the door to be opened, quickly grew to PANIC as he tried to smash open the door, and of course many passengers could be heard SCREAMING & CRYING as they saw the mountains and KNEW They Were HEADING DOWNWARD INTO THEM, and imagine when so many of these passengers SAW & HEARD the PANIC in the PILOT’S Voice, Saw His CRAZED ACTIONS Trying To Knock The Door Down, and ALL KNEW They Were GOING TO DIE”!

YES, I Could Call THAT TERROR That MANY FELT as They LOOKED DEATH IN THE EYE, Knowing There Was NOTHING THEY COULD DO to Help themselves or others!!!!

YEP::::: “TERRORISTS & TERROR” But “Your Leaders Said NO WAY Any TERRORIST INVOLVED”!  —- Doesn’t “one who commits TERROR, by definition be described AS A TERRORIST”????????????


Only a fool would TRUST That Kind of Government!  And There Are about 350 MILLION FOOLS in This Nation OBVIOUSLY !!!!!

——So You “THINK” You Are SAFE FLYING, TRAVELING, EATING OUT, Riding the Bus, Taking The Taxi, “your kids in school are in GOOD HANDS”, those EMTs, Police, Soldiers Are “THERE FOR YOU” ? Think the “Joel Osteen’s of the world” are “YOUR FRIENDS” or “care for you” or even “think you are anything more than THEIR PREY”? Think “your leaders, the “bosses”, the “heads of organizations” , “the authorities” or any “Experts” ARE “GOOD PEOPLE”, ARE WISE PEOPLE, ARE CARING PEOPLE”??? Think Again!!!

Hmmmm —— Now For The TRUTH! “ALL WRONG” !!!!! INCOMPETENT, LAZY, THIEVES, Many “Like To Give PAIN to Others”, Many Like To TORTURE OTHERS, Many LOVE “Destruction”, and They ALL WANT ONLY “what is Best For THEM, period!

Personally within the past year I have witnessed INCOMPETENCE is such areas as MEDICINE (doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, “coding”, even in “simple reading and writing, emergency personnel to name a FEW), “Security and Policing” (from Police Chiefs, to Sheriffs, to the street cop), LAW (attorneys and judges), Food (from producers to processors to distributors, to “food critics, “healthcare MEDIA and workers”), “Drivers, Riders, Pilots, Train Engineers, Bus Drivers, Taxi and other “transporters”),  Utility companies (Brighthouse from ALL Sides being INCORRECT and UNINFORMED and dishonest), NEWS Commentators (think Brian Williams for a good start), Presidents & their families and support (past and present), your Congress, your local leaders, education, “services and supplies” (think Lumber Liquidators) to name a FEW AREAS of INCOMPETENCE or LIES or CHEATING/STEALING, “Misinforming”, “Hiding”, TORTURING, even KILLING!!!!!!

— Yes, I TRUST NO ONE and I See NO One “COMPETENT” to DO ANYTHING (Well Enough to Even BE ACCEPTABLE) — All levels, all things in life!

I “see you on the road driving” and I grow wary and ready for the worst! I see you for medical care and I doubt you. You service my cable , internet or phone and I doubt your ability, you handle the kids education and I KNOW HOW BADLY THAT WILL BE DONE!

—-You Never See Me GIVE UP CONTROL or Walk In ANYWHERE Without KNOWING “just as much and USUALLY MORE than those in the building”. You NEVER SEE ME At a DISADVANTAGE of BEING OVERCOME or OVERRUN by “Lesser Beings”!   I Work HARD, and All The Time To GROW my Wisdom, my Strengths, My Independence, My Ability To Do EVERYTHING & ANYTHING! — I Don’t Depend on YOU, as You Have Never DONE “More than just enough to get by” or “More Than Enough To Make Money, Take & Use Others and Situations For YOUR OWN GOOD”, or have YOU Ever Grown Your Knowledge of HOW EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY INTERCONNECTED and ALL THINGS and All Beings DO MATTER and to REALIZE “that one little error or misuse or bad thing, is REALLY EVERYTHING, be it “about YOU and YOUR SOUL or How The Plane Will SAFELY FLY and LAND !!!!!!!

Yes, I DON’T TRUST YOU and You PROVE EVERYDAY WHY:::: You REALLY Have NO IDEA of HOW BAD, How Incompetent, How WRONG YOU ARE !!!!! You THINK “You Are Smart, Good and WONDERFUL” instead!  — You Have NO Idea of What You Do NOT KNOW !

HELL, few if any will even READ THIS! NONE of YOU “will comment” and 100% chance that NO ONE “Will Share This” !!!!!   — It is NO WONDER Why Man Is DOOMED! — The Blind, WANTING TO BECOME BLINDER”, if that is possible!!!

——————————————————-BTW ——————————————

An earlier post spoke of “Hackers” taking over the airlines and causing multiple, maybe even 100 planes at once to fall from the skies. Well for those who “know and understand HACKING”; Often it involves DIRECT PHYSICAL CONTACT! “Hacking” is not  “just from a distance, getting into the systems”! “Stuxnet” involved the USA’s “Hacking” Iran’s Nuclear Facilities NOT “over the Internet” BUT SIMPLY BY “Planting A VIRUS into the Computers IN THE FACILITIES”!!!!!!  This Airline Crash MIGHT BE “just a precursor to HACKERS Experimenting to BEST ATTACK whoever they wish BY MANY MEANS” !!!!

Think this ::::::: No “Great General” would ever just have ONE PLAN of Attack or Defense! Only a FOOL would completely “go with only 1 way or WEAPON to Attack”! The WISE GENERAL HAS MANY OPTIONS and LIKELY USES MOST When He Does PUT The WAR MACHINE INTO ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!    —— You Better NOT DOUBT My Words (otherwise, you will be that fool).


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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