Apple Bashes Indiana – But Promotes Business in Countries That Execute Gays | The Gateway Pundit

Apple Bashes Indiana – But Promotes Business in Countries That Execute Gays | The Gateway Pundit.

Check out the world map of countries where “being gay” is a crime; imprisonment in some nations, death in others!  — Apple Does “Business” (with NO Disagreeing THERE)!


SO TRUE ———– “So Gay Apple” Trashes Indiana with it’s newest Law that (supposedly) is ANTI GAY (BUT Is It Really?).

Yep Tim “Cookie” remarks about “NOT DOING ANY BUSINESS in INDIANA BUT TIM “Cookie” LOVES THE BUSINESS DONE Throughout the World, EVEN In The NUMEROUS COUNTRIES That EXECUTE GAYS as That Is ILLEGAL in those nations and CRIMINAL Enough to be Put To Death !!!

—– HMMMM, Little TIMMY hates Indiana with HIS Pre-supposed Thoughts of that State “not being fair to gays”:::: BUT It’s “ALRIGHT” to EXECUTE GAYS in All the OTHER PLACES around the world as long as Little Timmy Makes Money There !!!!!

Little Timmy is a “little ass” and HUGE HYPOCRITE Indeed!!!!! —- Now go buy your “Apples” to hand Little Timmy More $$$$ so he can Talk Trash about Others WHILE Being HAND IN HAND With GAY KILLERS from other nations and places !!!!

Maybe someone should “Awaken Little Tim to REALITY” !!!

NOT VERY “SMART” and definitely NOT Just “Just or Equal” either !


An aside: Apple “seems to always be” Working with Companies and Countries that ABUSE, ENSLAVE, “Beat to Death” their “employees” too —- FOR YEARS they CONTINUE to Do that SO QUIETLY as “the make more money from these brutal PARTNERS !!!!!!    —— And YOU “prudes” “MUST OWN An APPLE” — DUH ! You think “Class” and I KNOW It’s “ass” instead !


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