DUH: I’ve WRITTEN THIS LONG AGO ===The loneliness epidemic: We’re more connected than ever – but are we feeling more alone?

The loneliness epidemic: We’re more connected than ever – but are we feeling more alone? – Features – Health & Families – The Independent.

Yes, when you read the attached article, you should feel a sense of deja vu, as I have written of this VERY THING, OFTEN over the years!
“The More CONNECTED We Are ; The MORE ALONE & LONELY We Are” !!!!!

Common Sense tells of those CONSEQUENCES! Things like the ability to “work along with others, BUT while in other places, at the same time”, or “everyone having his/her own entertainment in their own hands while in the same room or household, makes for COMPLETE SEPARATION of mental and emotional bonds or interactions”, “having 100 or 500 Friends where MOST NEVER physically interact or even truly have the same or similar experiences, brings NOTHING TOGETHER , but Further separates everyone”, “cyber sex” takes “real skin contact away”, not to mention the very intense interpersonal sensations (smell, taste, touch, even sight are left out), AND THE WORST::::::: NO ONE EVER LOOKS ANOTHER PERSON IN THE EYE while in a close proximity!!!!!

Watch any young person today; they can’t “talk normally” when in the company of others, they GRAB THE PHONE to TEXT (or talk sometimes) to OTHERS, ELSEWHERE when  they COULD BE Talking & INTERACTING with those NEAR THEM!

—– Hell the other day  Karen and I were walking past a Subway Sub Store, and noticed a YOUNG MOTHER sitting across from her 6 Year Old (approx. age). “THE LOVING MOM Did NOT Say a WORD to HER LOVED ONE; She Did NOT even LOOK at HIM, She Had Her Head Turned while CHATTING To Who-Knows-Who, for a very long time. Yes, We STOPPED TO WATCH!!!!! —— Oh What BONDING & SHARING SHE Did NOT DO With Her Child !!!!!   “This MOM SUCKS” as a parent. MANY DO THE SAME !!!

(Watch people Riding in Cars: It doesn’t matter if they are a FAMILY, FRIENDS (I use The Word “FRIEND” Loosely), Co-Workers, Business Associates, Boy Friend & Girl Friend, Husband & Wife ===== NO ONE Is TALKING TO EACH OTHER ::::: BUT They ALL ARE BUSY Either Talking or TEXTING With Others Elsewhere OR are BEING ENTERTAINED (another joke) By some game, some movie or video or other device.

NOT ONE PERSON (including the DRIVER) “SEES” or Is REALLY AWARE of Their Surroundings!!!! Is it NO WONDER THERE ARE SO MANY DEADLY CRASHES!!!!! ==== NO ONE Is LIVING “In The REAL WORLD”, and everyone is ELSEWHERE IN “CYBER LAND”!!!

“Friends”, FEW PEOPLE TODAY Even HAVE ANY “REAL FRIENDS”; They all are at BEST; people just stuck in the same room, the same situation and SHARE NOTHING of “REAL” or PERSONAL Value. — I don’t mean “telling someone you are pregnant or are sick or hate your boss or your spouse or your life, or even showing the vacation pictures:

REAL LIFE IS IMMERSIVE !!!!!! Real Life Is TOTAL! Real Life IS Being TOTALLY INVOLVED in Where You Are, You & What Is Around You and SHARING THAT TOTALLY WITH OTHERS!!!! —- ANYTHING LESS Is “NOT LIVING” —- ANYTHING LESS Is “Living In THE MATRIX”, just as NEO did in the trilogy!!!!!

Hell, “people who smoke or get drunk or get high TOGETHER” REALLY are NOT “Into TOTAL ANYTHING”::::::: THEY by “Needing That High, That Drink, That Cigarette, etc. ALL Are TRYING TO HIDE or Get Away From REAL or REALITY as They CANNOT “STAND” the closeness”, the “real touch”, or smell or feel or taste, or sounds or sights BUT TRY TO MAKE-UP FICTION All Around Them!!!

Yes, Today NEARLY NO ONE “lives in the REAL WORLD” and many of those few WOULD RATHER NOT! ——————-

—————– SAD That I had the benefit of 1/2 dozen of us kids in the car with mom and dad!  WE were Each Other’s Distractions; Each Others Entertainment! We laughed, we fought and argued, we made up games, we LOOKED out the windows to see the land, the trees, the buildings, other people, plants and animals. We BOTH Witnessed LIFE & WE LIVED LIFE !!!!!!Heck we watched for different license plates, makes and models of cars, noticed the seasons changing with new growth in spring, lush green in summer and the brilliant colors as autumn came, and of course felt the snow, the cold, the sun’s warmth, saw the blowing snow, and the magnificent big snowflakes fall so softly and in mass to the ground!

Growing up;  We PLAYED together, both in the car, at home and other places. We went climbing, swimming, skiing, snowmobiling, horse back riding, build rafts for our creek, made forts and tree houses, built dog houses, made electrical motors for science projects, watched TV together & ATE THE SAME MEAL TOGETHER (not each person having his/her own foods like today. NO “FAST FOODS” and little JUNK FOODS though we ALL LEARNED TO COOK & BAKE well!!! We made maple sryup from the maple trees we “tapped” and then boiled down the sap till the water evaporated and then left the tiny bit of PURE Maple Syrup ! We even made our own LARD which is THE BEST for PIE CRUSTS! We milked the cows and made butter and whipped cream and ice cream. We camped both as a family and just with us boys and our friends. We planted corn after we plowed the field so we could harvest the sweet corn in order to have $$$ to buy new clothes for the new school year as likely we had GROWN out of our clothes bought the year before.

Once grown up and finding a loved partner; we Had SEX, MADE LOVE and Had More Sex and Made More Love!!! YES,  REAL PHYSICAL and FREQUENTLY too!

— Hell since those times, I/we have “made love at least once and usually twice and many times more than just twice a day since that time. That has been ongoing now for the past 50+ years now!    —- Sadly Most of you “do this” maybe once a month or at best once a week and many twice annually. No wonder YOU “SHARE NOTHING”, CARE NOTHING and NOTHING PHYSICALLY “WORKS” on your body anymore!!! Yep , you “need blue pills”, heart pills, pills to sleep, pills to wake, pills to pee and poop, and pills to calm your appetite. You can’t get up to change the TV channel if you had to; you NEED Electric Carts in the stores, you “Can’t Work” or mow the lawn or clean your house or BAKE or Cook or much of anything.  —- YES, You SURELY HAVE A GREAT LIFE INDEED !!!! — AND YOU Make Everything SO EASY For YOUR KIDS and GRAND KIDS so They Too “Don’t have to Move a Finger” — So they too have “fingers that are not able to do anything just as you! Their bodies are WORSE THAN MY MOM’s 82 year old body (That PLAYS VOLLEYBALL WEEKLY in an informal Volleyball League where the other players are my sister’s age and their kids ages. Yes, mom plays with ages from 13 and up and SHE IS THE LAST TO SIT DOWN as “the younger ones get tired far sooner than she”!!!!!

Yep, You “Did Yourself Good”; You Do  GREAT THINGS for Your Kids and Their Kids too! You are “the fools that STOPPED LIVING Long Ago !!!!

WE HAVE RELATIONSHIPS & Live in a GREAT REAL WORLD !!!! — What do you have ? (SADLY You Are ALONE & LONELY just as your kids are too).

BTW: Till his death, my grandfather lived in the same house as we did. EVERYDAY I would see him and talk with him. TODAY Neither the same ages or different generations “ARE TOGETHER of SHARE”!  —- All Is Lost NOW: People get sent to “Facilities” to RID the FAMILY of Their Ancestors! What I would give for another chat while sitting on the back step of the porch with him!


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