Iran Accuses U.S. of Lying About New Nuke Agreement | Washington Free Beacon

Iran Accuses U.S. of Lying About New Nuke Agreement | Washington Free Beacon.

Ahhhhhhh — THEY LIE, Because They Don’t Know How To TELL THE TRUTH, any truths EVR!

Yes, THAT is your leaders!

Now if you for even one second think “it is Iran who lies”, trying the make the USA look bad; THINK again:

—What good comes from it? “pissing off the Pope” for no good reason? I doubt that: NO I KNOW THAT!  —— BUT YOUR LEADERS DO “piss off the other side” always when “They (your leaders) SAY One Thing, but DO ANOTHER, especially IMMEDIATELY AFTER Leaving the Negotiations Room!

AND Everybody knows that “How can you trust someone or a group when they IMMEDIATELY “TWIST THINGS” to BUILD THEMSELVES UP to their own people!

IRAN KNOWS They are “The Ones Dealing Wit The DEVIL”; Not the other way around!!!

The Devil LIES & The DEVIL is The USA LEADERS !!!!!

“Bastards Always Lie” & They Are Those You Vote For & Support & Call “your leaders”!  (Hey they are politicians, and politicians are TRAINED & EDUCATED To Always “SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR (and Believe) RATHER THAN SAY Anything That Is True or REAL —- AND They Say one thing to YOU, then turn around and say something different to others “who want to hear something different than you”! That is “THE GAME” and THAT is CRIMINAL & Pathological !!! They should be either Hospitalized for their psychotic behavior or dealt with MUCH STRONGER; You be the judge! It is TIME for ALL to FEAR Those They SERVE rather than OWN All the Serve!

Hell, they are as honest as your financial advisor and the lawyer down the street (of over 90% of politicians ARE LAWYERS including “the Pres” and His Wife”).


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