DAMN COP!!! North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back – Post and Courier

North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back – Post and Courier.

Watch the VIDEO of the DAMN COP MURDERING THE 50 Year old Man!!!! The Cop Deserves A FIRING SQUAD for himself!!!!

That brings me to WHAT Karen, I and Dawn, my barber, witnessed this early evening by Port Orange COPS (Damn, I did NOT get a video or photos though):::::: The 3 of us were standing in front of her Hair Salon and while we chatted, we noticed a Port Orange Police Car pull into the parking lot. Two officers slowly exited their vehicle and we couldn’t help but see one of them with a “NATO STYLE” ASSAULT RIFLE (probably a .556 caliber rifle with a 30 shot magazine).

The Cop was LARGE, well both were large BUT the one with the Assault Rifle was Large as in FAT too. He carried it “with a COCKY GAIT and Body Language”, like he really thought “He was Special”. They walked within feet of us into a nail salon next to us, looking “just as if they were going in to get their nails done”. They lingered inside for maybe 1 or 2 minutes, then walked back out.

It looked so surreal as if WE WERE IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY where All the police carry ASSAULT WEAPONS at all times!

Anyways, the Fat Ass Cop “swung the rifle up into the air like “One of Rambo’s Assailants” would do in a MOVIE, and again, “cockily” snapped the magazine full of bullets out of the gun. (In an above photo, I show what the .556 ammunition looks like).

Yes, it was a combination of MAD MAX, “Arnold”, Bruce Willis & Rambo Movies Rolled into one !!!!!!!!

—– YES, just like I TELL OF SO OFTEN::::::::: “We” (All of AMERICA) are IN a POLICE STATE of MILITARY MIGHT!!!!! — But to add to the MILITANT WAYS we live in; The Cops Are “BARNEY FIFFS” (as in “Andy of Mayberry”) of INCOMPETENCE, Stupidity & ARROGANCE. ——-

These COPS tonight that we encountered Were LITTLE MORE than “the North Charlestown Cop Who KILLS to shoot anyone in the back!!!!!

AMERICA Has Out-Of-Control Little Boys With WEAPONS of WAR in their hands and OBVIOUSLY In Their Reach at All Times!!!!

FACT:::::::: When I was a N.Y.State Trooper, we HAD to Go to The WEAPONS LOCKER in our barracks after we got the key and PERMISSION from higher ups, & SIGN OUT A SHOT GUN!!!!!! Rifles were NOT nearly THAT EASY to get, actually nearly IMPOSSIBLE Unless There was LITERALLY A RIOT Going On. Personally, I NEVER took out any shotgun; hell, I never pulled my gun out UNLESS I WAS BEING SHOT AT, NEVER used my “night stick” (or “billy club”as some call it) or carried a “Slapper” (a leather covered item with lead pellets inside that if swung at someone could break a bone).

Hell, I NEVER “called for “Backup” when I dealt with or arrested guys that (normally) took (other agencies such as Sheriff Departments of City PDs 5-9 officers to be able to HOLD THE ARRESTEE!!!! I “Did It MYSELF with NO HELP, and with NO weapons drawn or threatened or with ANY “loud voice” or demeaning manner! I simply calmly and self-assuredly Told them to “Come With Me as they were under arrest”. EVERY TIME, they simply obeyed and “gave themselves to me”!

“BULLYING, Bastardly Actions NEVER WORK WELL!!! I Watched OTHER Agencies and other COPS and Saw How UNTRAINED , DUMB, NAIVE, and CHILDISH Other Cops Were!!!!!  —– I let “Me, depend on me” and showed NO FEAR or “Better-Than-Though” ATTITUDES EITHER!!!!!!

HELL, I always did (and do) the same with OTHER Animals such as dogs, horses, etc.!!!! Animals “Feel” (sense) “one’s self assuredness, or fear or anger or out-of-control energy and ACT/REACT Accordingly!!!! (I CAN “TEACH THAT “Ability” To ANYONE! It is just “inner strength from within”!!!! —- Time for EVERYONE To “Become a REAL PERSON”, and Discover the Inner Peace & Inner Power Within!!! Time to GROW rather than Fold!

—–ANYWAYS====== You SHOULD BE Scared!!!!! You SHOULD BE WORRIED!!!!! AND You MUST SHARE THIS Piece I WROTE With OTHERS (before it is TOO LATE for us all)!!!!

— Contact me anytime! I can HELP YOU! I Can Help CHANGE ALL THINGS NOW!


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