Hippocrates = Who makes the most reliable motorcycle?

Who makes the most reliable motorcycle?.

REMEMBER BAck in the DARK DAYS of American AUTOS: Ford, Chevy, Chrysler ALL FAILING BADLY With their QUALITY & RELIABILITY?

Remember too HOW AMERICANS TURNED TO THE JAPANESE (European too, somewhat) Fore THEIR CARS OF CHOICE!!! Recall the VAST DIFFERENCE in “PRODUCT RECEIVED For The MONEY SPENT” and how SHAMEFUL Americans were about buying “American Made” and HIGH CLASS, GOOD JUDGEMENT & WISDOM were Shown When BUYING THE QUALITY JAPANESE CARS????

To this day HONDA, TOYOTA, (AND SINCE earlier days then SUBARU Is TOP NOTCH & as Karen & I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE of Ownership, “once a Subaru owner, one always loves SUBARUS), THESE BRANDS ARE HIGHLY SOUGHT & COVETED!

REMEMBER THE SHAME and DENIAL of American Car Companies THEN, and for decades after. FINALLY “OUR Home Grown Companies” Are COMPETITIVE (somewhat)!

——– NOW let’s go back in time to the 70s and such: Harley Davidson was bought by AMF, a “sporting company”. Before that time, HD was nothing but “An Old Worn Out Motorcycle Manufacturer”, and AMF Made them even worse.

MANY Stories were told then and STILL ARE ALL TOO FREQUENTLY “REAL NOW” of OIL LEAKS: Yes, “for every fuel fill up, Add a QUART of OIL Too”, and “Take Spare Parts With You, as MANY will FALL OFF on the Ride from the VIBRATION that is WICKED!

Yes, Many times when we have ridden with others who Own A Harley, we have had to stop, go back over the route, LOOKING FOR GEAR SHIFTERS, and OTHER PARTS that Fell Off SOMEWHERE!!!!!  —– BREAK-DOWNS Are/Were COMMON for the HARLEYS!

——- Jump Back in Time: What did YOU and OTHERS DO when American Cars were MORE EXPENSIVE THAN the JAPANESE CARS and had TERRIBLE QUALITY TOO? Of Course you said “ONLY A FOOL Would SPEND MORE MONEY FOR A POORLY BUILT CAR, so YOU STOPPED BUYING American Made Cars. You FORCED The American Companies to LOOK and admit HOW TERRIBLE and How They Had To Change Before You Would GO BACK TO AMERICAN CARS.

Heck CURRENTLY Ford is running a TV Ad where they put Foreign Car OWNERS into “Their Fords” to show EQUALITY and maybe superiority over the Japanese Brands.

NOW THEN::::::: WHY do the (supposedly) SAME (& Sane) People WORSHIP, Drool Over, Dream of, PAY FAR MORE $$$$$$ FOR, and PAY MORE YET AGAIN with the EXTREMELY “Needy”, & Frequent SERVICING just to maintain warranties THAN THE FAR SUPERIOR, More Technically Advanced JAPANESE Motorcycle Manufacturers?

—– There Is NO LOGIC in it whatsoever —– Japanese Motorcycles are LESS EXPENSIVE, REQUIRE FAR LESS “Servicing” & THUS Less “Ongoing Costs” and are FAR MORE RELIABLE???????

—— “Smart People Spend More; Get Less = Are PROUD of Themselves & EVEN BRAG ABOUT “Their Purchases & Costs”?

Please DEFINE “Smart” for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Read the attached article that States RELIABILITY As “Per Brand”. NOTE the 4 BEST BIKES are All JAPANESE Brands: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki & Kawasaki are approx. 200% Better than the Harleys!

I didn’t “make those numbers up”! I just READ THE FACTS from the Testing Down.

Hmmm, Save Money, Less Worries, More Enjoyment, Less “Time in the Shop” for a better product, Is the REASON WE OWN Japanese! Currently we ride a Honda, a Yamaha and a Kawasaki! I just sold a 2000 Kawasaki I bought New. YES, “I lost money on it” (The “wise” Harley lovers state that every time), BUT I bought it for Less Than 1/2 the Cost of a Harley, in the 14 years I owned it over the 69,000 miles I put on it, the TOTAL COST of “Maintenance and Service” it “Needed” was LESS THAN “the average Harley Owner SPENDS In ONE YEAR of Ownership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So in FACT: if one ADDED All the COSTS of HD Ownership up in both purchase price and service; I could have boughten 3 Kawasakis and still saved money.

“Reliability”: I NEVER “Broke Down” or “was left stranded”, and Karen & I rode (her own bike along with mine) often 200, 400 and even many 700 miles per day rides! Karen’s 1996 Honda Magna has 60,000 miles on it and using our mechanic’s words “That Engine is ONLY Beginning Get Broke-In”. It runs and sounds like a BRAND NEW BIKE!!!!!!! Without a second thought we would ride that Magna cross the country! “DEPENDABLE” does NOT “do it justice”; That bike is “Bullet Proof” as the saying goes!

My current bike, a 2011 Kawasaki Versys (650cc) is one of the MOST SOUGHT AFTER BIKES in the world, though in “america” it is rarely seen. FUNNY the REST of The World COVETS this bike, but Americans never bother to get to know it! My Versys is fast, smooth, comfortable, inexpensive to but, to own, to ride, DEPENDABLE, “go anywhere and everywhere, and one of THE MOST FUN BIKES I HAVE EVER RIDDEN (and I have “ridden about all the bikes built).

Not to forget Karen’s Yamaha; I’ll just say “It Is An Amazing Machine” in every way!


HMMMMM “Smart”????? — Who is “Smart”: Americans or THE REST of THE WORLD?

——- BTW: I always “pay cash” and INVEST; so rather than “most” who are “owned by their house, their cars, their toys, their vacations and even their foods, I OWN EVERYTHING and have for MANY DECADES. Hence; when I bought the 2000 Kawasaki, I DID HAVE MONEY INVESTED & GROWING so in reality I could have taken MY Profits (money growth) over the past several years and PAID CASH FOR MORE BIKES, toys, cars, houses, vacations, etc. (Yes, I did say “houses” too as we PAY CASH for them too. Heck even when Karen & I started to “buy houses” in the 80s, the “worst” we did at first was to “BUY with 90 Day Bank Notes” where in 90 days we had to pay off the loan!!! Numerous times we bought 2 or more houses in a day using cash too.  —— all the while “I listen to SMART PEOPLE BRAG about their bikes, cars, homes & BIG LOANS & DEBTS!!!

Yes, I SMILE A LOT !!!!!!!    “Love Braggers”!  (We “just live in he REAL WORLD of FACTS).


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