HEY, THAT’S MY CREEK !!! —– Tractor-trailer plunges from I-86 into Ischua Creek (with video) – Olean Times Herald: News

Tractor-trailer plunges from I-86 into Ischua Creek (with video) – Olean Times Herald: News – Tractor-trailer plunges from I-86 into Ischua Creek (with video): Cattaraugus County.

Hey, that Tractor Trailer should not have plunged into my creek! —- Yes, Ischua Creek pictured above is “my creek”, my mom’s, and one of my brother’s too.

This is true, but I must add, where this crash ended was further downstream from us all: approx. 15 or so miles away from our parts of the creek. But as you can see, the water level is quite high at this time of year.

Though FAR-FROM-RECORD-SETTING in snowfall, the temperature stayed colder a bit more of the time, so less snow melted throughout the winter. Click on this link to read about our local SKI SLOPES Still Operating with the sloops completely covered yet:  http://www.salamancapress.com/news/article_ff2de8be-dd58-11e4-9e14-b3e5be6df8d8.html (Holiday Valley & Holimont in Ellicotville, NY). —- Yes, read about our beautiful and adventurous and fun area of the world that FEW Ever DISCOVER”.

I am not sure what the official snowfall has been but it is about 168″ this year, versus the AVERAGE ANNUAL 180″ of snowfall.

—— I’m just glad that I now do not have to get involved in the INVESTIGATIONS and Clean-ups of CRASHES EVERYDAY! Also glad I do not investigate murders, rapes, robberies, drug deals, terrorism, kidnapping, torture and the other things I saw and dealt with constantly when I was a NY State Trooper. (Yes, my first week “on the job” years ago “saw” 2 nights where drunk drivers went the wrong way and struck and killed HEAD ON others, I (should have been) SHOT by a “WANTED BAD GUY” who had kidnapped a women and had a gun pointed at me as I walked up next to him while “checking things out” from the partial plate number I had and the car description, and of course I must add the kidnapping, robbery, rape and KILLING of a 72 year old lady by the 17 year old boy. YES a BUSY FIRST WEEK on the job for me then!!! —-At that time, I worked in a  different area of NY State, the Central Portion just north of Syracuse, NY. Our Barracks (Police Station for those who do not know what they were called then) was nicknamed “THE ZOO” as we were always the busiest group of Troopers in NY State!

What I saw, did and KNOW still to this day Would NOT “Be Believed” by Most People! The “Action & Adventures” I directly did MAKE ME JUST LAUGH at “all Action Movies” and “Action Heroes” as they are SO FAKE, FUNNY and Far Less Dangerous Than What I/We Did !!!!! “Movies & TV” are “just for little kids to watch and play with”! “Fast & Furious” Movies are a HUGE JOKE though the ignorant today WORSHIP THESE!

The truth is FEW Really Know Much and even LESS DO MUCH of ANYTHING so they live in Fantasy Lands forever.

Maybe if MOST SAW Their Fellow Trooper’s Brains Blown around his kitchen as his wife and daughter sits next to him, or the area “Junk Yard Owner” that I knew well then has 1/2 of his head BLOWN OFF by ROBBERS who Did a HOME INVASION and caught him in his kitchen where his brains were dripping off the ceiling and running down all the walls of the kitchen when I first entered after a neighbor first called me to check on the loud noises she heard. OR maybe MOST have NOT Experienced TRUE High Speed Chases from CRAZED People Going WELL OVER 100MPH through the City of Syracuse at NOON RUH HOUR while the car sped in the WRONG DIRECTION, AGAINST the TRAFFIC FLOW, and I Had To Catch Up, PUSH His Car OFF the Roadway, while going over High Bridges and other Hazards to STOP HIM BEFORE HE SMACKED HEAD FIRST into OTHERS! (Yes, I did push him and it swung his car ACROSS the ROAD into the “Right Lane” of traffic and THEN He IMMEDIATELY SHOT BACK into the WRONG “Head On Lane” again. This was REAL, No One to Do It For Me; No one to say “You Are My Hero” and I am certain NO “Stunt Driver, or NASCAR Driver could “Do What I Did with a car OFTEN to SAVE LIVES and Also get to PLACES where SECONDS “really did matter” as I WAS THE ONLY HELP Anyone Would Get: I was ALONE with NO SUPPORT, NO BACKUP and No other “Emergency Personnel” around to Respond! To this day Troopers in NY State remark as our motto “One Riot, One Trooper”. That is pretty much the truth!

It just is NOT Like “on TV” or in the movies or what we see in Florida where in 60 seconds, there are 6 cop cars and support people per event! I still laugh when I see the “OVERKILL” and INCOMPETENCE of the Police, the Emergency People, the EMTs and THEIR LEADERS! It is A JOKE! and HUGE EXPENSE and OFTEN Their Responses MAKE MATTERS WORSE and ENDANGER OTHERS Far More and Creates More HARM THAN GOOD!

No wonder “The cops here have little or no respect from others. They “Act Like KIDS playing  cops and robbers” or as BARNEY FIFE of the old time Andy of Mayberry Show where “Barney” was given one bullet, and a badge and acted like a jerk always. Yes, I see that Constantly in  Florida (and much of the nation) BUT What makes me FEARFUL is UNLIKE “Barney with one bullet”, THESE Personnel TODAY Have NATO ASSAULT RIFLES (Read my post from last night), and ARE NOT “cops trained to assist and serve the public” BUT PARA MILITARY “Wannabees” Who Can’t Wait To SHOOT, TO TAZE, to SLAP, Jump On, Beat On and ATTACK, ABUSE and BULLY The Public!!!!!

—– Yes, I KNOW “what is REAL” and What CAN BE and SHOULD BE DONE But I See “fat ass men who Mentally and EMOTIONALLY Are just little kids YET THEY “Are The Forces AGAINST US ALL! —- Hell All “Our Leaders” are Worse Than Incompetent: They are EVIL USERS & ABUSERS of people,money, resources and all things. We live in a MAD MAX WORLD where the “authorities are the enemies”! (Read my predictions from my earliest posts in 1995)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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