“HAPPENS ALL THE TIME” === Tulsa shooting: Deputy Robert Bates charged – CNN.com

Tulsa shooting: Deputy Robert Bates charged – CNN.com.

OK, OK, time to comment on something VERY SERIOUS ===

Please either read this attached article or watch TV or other media regarding the VOLUNTEER “Cop” Shooting & Killing an arrestee!

The REALITY is That MANY (Most)  PEOPLE “Freak Out” when “emergencies” of ANY & ALL KINDS Occur! VERY FEW OF US “GET BETTER UNDER PRESSURE”!!!! Those FEW of Us  ACTUALLY “See the world around us SLOWING DOWN as if everything is in SLOW MOTION (just like “action movies” often   S L O W   D O W N  the movie when “things are blowing up, fighting, gun battles, cars flying through the air, ETC. (Recall “the action hero” SEEING THINGS THIS WAY he “he can grab an arrow flying towards him, “see the bullet as it flies through the air”, etc. : For US FEW “That IS WHAT HAPPENS & HOW WE SEE THINGS, REALLY !!!!!).

Anyways, getting back to MOST PEOPLE, EVEN Well Trained Cops, EMTs, Soldiers, etc., just SEE TOTAL CONFUSION and CALAMITY All Around, so their Minds CANNOT COPE or “make sense” out of it all, so “TOTAL FREAK OUT HAPPENS” !!!!!!!

— as you have read or heard, THIS Volunteer FREAKED OUT, Grabbed his Gun RATHER Than The TASER and SHOT the guy DEAD Rather than TASING HIM as “He Meant To Do” !!!  —- The “cop” NEVER MEANT TO SHOOT The Guy in the first place & Had NO IDEA What He “was REALLY DOING” so I ask YOU ALL: Was It His Fault ??????

—– No really, Was It The Cop’s Fault???????? —  Was It “Beyond His Control” & “just something that HAPPENED”????????????

LET ME SAY THIS :::::: I personally have SEEN, Witnessed, Been Involved In & EXPERIENCED MANY 1000s of SIMILAR “ACTS”, meaning “The TOTALLY WRONG THING WAS DONE! “Judgement” Was FLAWED or “Non-Existent” in many of situations!

——–Yes the “Cop” MUST & SHOULD “deal with the consequences” BUT SADLY if the SAME “cop”, no matter HOW OLD, be he/her 18, 28, 48, 68 or 98, WOULD ALWAYS “Do The WRONG THING from PANIC !!!!!!!!!

“THAT” is WHY I SAY/WRITE/Lecture and “Preach” “The Experts Are NOT The Ones To DEAL WITH ANYTHING!!!!! They truly HAVE NO IDEA “what is going on” or “what SHOULD BE DONE”!!!!

AND for THOSE WHO READ My Works loyally KNOW Already: “When Situations Become “Crazy”, out-of hand, super dangerous, etc., I ALWAYS PREFER To “HANDLE THINGS ALONE”::::::”Others Will ONLY SCREW IT UP” and Make THINGS FAR WORSE!!!!

That is WHY “most cops, emergency personnel, leaders, authorities”, etc., should NOT Be “in charge” or “have authority”, or “be in power” of much of anything!!!!!! It is the SAME REASON (out of control emotions) that FEW “should be in control of THEIR OWN MONEY, finances, have kids, be teachers, drive cars or other vehicles, etc. BECAUSE “THEY Are CONTROLLED BY THEIR EMOTIONAL MIND (“NOT” located near “the Frontal Lobe), Rather Than “THEIR THINKING/ LOGICAL / INTELLECTUAL MIND (The Frontal Lobe).

As “OTHER” scientists”, doctors, researchers & involved people are FINALLY “realizing”: EVEN THE SMARTEST, “Best Trained”, Most Educated, or “Experienced”, CANNOT “THINK” (be LOGICAL) when “they are involved” or “it is personal”, or it touches THEIR “Emotional Self”, “THAT PART of the BRAIN “That THINKS” (Is LOGICAL, Is INTELLECTUAL, Has “Common-Sense”) “WORKS”!   —– No Matter; All THESE Individuals CANNOT “THINK” or “DO” “the Right Thing” as ONLY “Their Little EMOTIONAL SELF is “working” and “that part Has NO IDEA of Right or Wrong, or “good or bad” or “Can REASON” At ALL !!!!!!!

Yes, I SEE THIS All The Time, In All “areas of life”, all “levels”, all situations, even “everyday personal or business or professional acts, or decisions!

+++++++++++++ I CAN / DO “FIX THIS” “DISABILITY” / HANDICAP that the 99.999% HAVE !!!!! —- Yes, I Have Developed  a Processes / PROGRAM that “CURES THE CANCERS of The MIND That TOTALLY CONTROL and Create Constant FAILURE, “terrible RESULTS” and catastrophes and Collapse of “the Human Society and Species”!

=============== The “Neatest Thing” is THAT IT EMPOWERS ALL, RELEASES the GENIUS in EVERYONE, CREATES UNLIMITED ENERGY, Is So DAMN MUCH FUN, Increases THE MIND, BODY & SOUL to “places far beyond what the individual or ANYONE Could have EVER DREAMED” !!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YES, If This Volunteer “Cop” Had “Taken MY “COURSE of ENLIGHTENMENT”, He Would NEVER “Have Made That TERRIBLE MISTAKE and Shot The Arrestee”! Instead He truly WOULD HAVE BEEN “part of the solution” rather than “THE PROBLEM”, just like ALL The People Mentioned Above NOW ARE (the Problem(s), NOT “the solution(s) !!!!!!

Yes, I KNOW This Well and After DECADES of RESEARCH “HAVE THE ANSWER TO “The Worlds Problems”: I Have The KEY to FREE “You and All From Themselves”!!!

Do yourself and others a HUGE FAVOR: “Just Ask Me HOW and WHEN” and TOGETHER “WE WILL FIX YOU & RELEASE UNLIMITED POWERS WITHIN YOU”!!!! You will NEVER “need others to HELP YOU or “take care of you” again! Instead YOU WILL BE “The Solution Maker For ALL” !!!!!! —– Join the Fast Growing Crowd Who IS “Releasing Their INNER SELF from fear, doubt, poor decision making, inaction or wrong actions and constantly FALLING or Slipping Downward”!!!



Yes, I’ve seen this in cops shootings, victims “beatings”, riots, robberies, high speed chases, homicides, family disputes, family matters, sexual events, health, healthcare, “law”, courts, lawyers, IRS, financial advisors, CEOs, Elected Individuals, PERSONAL INVESTING, business matters, FAMILY “Rearing”/Parenting, “self defense”, driving, SHOPPING, “vacationing”, “career”, “wants & needs”, “work and play”. “Dollars and cents” and Millions and Billions, Drug Use, Medications, Education, Career Choices, work ethic, MORALS, etc., ALL WRONG (and many times “Done With THE BEST OF INTENTIONS, But The WORST of RESULTS with many FOREVER ONLY Making Things Worse and Growing Out Of Control!!!!!      —- All “So EASY TO FIX” If one “just asks and want to change self and the world around him/her”! SO SAD to see !!! So SIMPLE TO SOLVE !!! SO MUCH FUN to Do the SOLVING & Fixing and ENJOY IMMENSE HAPPINESS & JOY Forever After !!!  —- “Bad Things Should NEVER HAPPEN”; GREAT THINGS Should Be “EVERYDAY OCCURRENCES” Instead!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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