EARTH: “Going The Way of Mars”: Barren & Lifeless? == Mystery of the dust storms sweeping the world | Daily Mail Online

Mystery of the dust storms sweeping the world | Daily Mail Online.

Look at the attached article as it shows the ENORMOUS DUST STORMS from the Desert that TRAVEL many 100s of miles to OTHER Places including cities. Note “How Day is Turned Into Night” and travel, or even breathing are impossible in the extreme conditions.

NOW think about MARS, “The Red Planet”: No visible signs of life. No water visible. Nothing but rocks and red dust or sand!

Just as scientists believe at one time Mars might have been a very livable and ALIVE PLANET with flowing rivers, lakes, oceans, and life in many forms; of course Earth Yet Is, BUT with Global Warming Creating EXTREMES of all kinds of weather and environmental conditions, some day EARTH May BECOME “MARS-LIKE”! Life as we know it ENDS!

Could it happen? Most say “IMPOSSIBLE” But Bet Life EONS AGO on MARS “Thought The SAME THING”!!!! See where they are now!


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