HIDE THE TRUTH(s) :::: Security expert blocked from United flight after social media po

Security expert blocked from United flight after social media po.

Ah, the American Way: Ban the guy who Dares Tell of Dangers and/or IS HONEST!!!!

Yes, Read the attached article where United Airlines banned a Computer Security Expert who DARED SPEAK of “the ease in HACKING into a Airplane’s Electrical Systems to control them.

Yep, rather than WELCOME the KNOWLEDGE that “EVERYONE IS IN DANGER” and “HOW & WHY” so “FIXES CAN BE MADE”; America WANTS “All Facts & Truths & Dangers HIDDEN and NEVER Brought to Light”!

Funny too that the expert was enroute to Give a Speech on THESE DANGERS to OTHER EXPERTS and INTERESTED PARTIES!

— When will “LITTLE CHILDREN” Ever Grow Up To WANT and FACE THE TRUTH(s) ????????????? When will ADULTS ACT LIKE ADULTS and DEAL WITH REALITY & Work to Better The Earth? When Will INTELLIGENCE BEGIN TO COME FORTH???


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