FINALLY THE FACTS ::: A Drone Program That Has Killed Hundreds Of Civilians Finally Killed Some That The White House Regrets

A Drone Program That Has Killed Hundreds Of Civilians Finally Killed Some That The White House Regrets.

Below I will reprint a few words used in this attached article:

But, in fact, killing innocent people has been a central part of the drone program from the very beginning, and is in many ways an inescapable consequence. It’s not that a perfect program finally slipped up. Rather, a program that has killed somewhere between 400 and 1000 civilians in Pakistan alone finally killed an American civilian, to whom no wrongdoing can be even tangentially attributed.

Now, after reading it, IMAGINE You are a FAMILY MEMBER (mom, or dad, or brother or sister, or child of) one of the INNOCENT CIVILIANS that had the Misfortune of BEING BORN In THAT PART of THE WORLD. Imagine YOUR HORROR and SADNESS of YOUR LOSS of a LOVED ONE!!!! IMAGINE THAT !!!!!!!!!

How would YOU THEN “Feel About The USA or the Western World That INVADED YOUR WORLD & Community and KILLED YOUR Child (or other loved ones)?????

Would You Call It “INSTANT HATRED for the USA and AMERICANS who DID THIS TO YOU & YOURS?????  —– Only a FOOL would Say anything but OF COURSE You Would INSTANTLY HATE America & Americans!!!

NOW: Multiply say 500 (people killed) by a factor of 5 or 10 or even 100 or 1000. WHY these numbers, you ask: Because EACH PERSON (killed in this case) HAD 2 parents, brothers & sisters (maybe 1, but possibly 5 or more), aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, grandparents, grandchildren, and OTHERS in their neighborhood who KNEW THEM and maybe worked with them.

YES, How MANY MORE 10s of 1000s (or maybe 100s of 1000s of AMERICAN HATERS “We Created”???????

How Much FEAR did AMERICAN DRONES CREATE in these areas of the world? IMAGINE Going to Bed NOT KNOWING If/When You and OTHERS Might Be BLOWN UP!!!! Imagine EVEN Sitting Down for Your Dinner With Family and Friends WONDERING IF SUDDENLY With Little or No Warning, YOU or your loved ones were BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!! Imagine LIVING IN CONSTANT FEAR when all  YOU DID Was “Be Born In This Area of The World” !

Now IMAGINE THE TRUTH:::::::::::::: AMERICA HAS CREATED Many MILLIONS of America HATERS and Far More Than You Realize LIVE HERE NEAR YOU NOW !!! (Yes, many have moved to America, some decades ago and who “Used to LOVE AMERICA”, BUT Since THEIR RELATIVE or Friend Was KILLED By OUR DRONES, they NOW Turned “Love to HATE” for YOU & YOURS Forever!!!!

YES, all the while you BACKED, SUPPORTED, “fluffed it off as Oh Well” and more; YOU WERE CREATING The “Next Killing Machines” and millions of them are HUMANS THAT HATE AMERICA & YOU NOW !!!!!

“Blind Following” & “Short Term FIXES” ONLY & ALWAYS CREATE Far WORSE PROBLEMS & HELL !!!! (Yes “Allah Wants You To Go To Hell”, I am sure as THAT IS SHOUTED By The Muslim World Daily (on the news)!

Maybe it is TIME to WAKE and CHANGE! Maybe “DOING THE RIGHT THING” is ALWAYS BETTER Than “Doing The Easy & Quick Thing”!!!!

—– You & “Our Leaders” have made MY WORLD FAR WORSE Forever ——–

You Bankrupted my country; killed off many of my fellow Americans in combat, MAIMED FAR MORE, Changed a SAFE, CARING WORLD into a Kill or Be Killed World!


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