By Flight Past The Moon, DinoDragon Did Attack!

Karen - Attack of Dino Dragon - 5-11-2015Karen Leg Wound -DinoDargon Attack 5-11-2015

By Flight Past the Moon, I Saw It Coming; The Visions of pure Fear still reek in my head! The Creature Did Attack: That evening I thought my sweet Karen might be dead!

The monster did swoop from high up above; the Light of the Moon was the savior that night. It’s light gave me a glimpse and the seconds I needed to run for my machete to defend what did matter!

It grabbed at Karen’s bare leg with complete viscous abandon; not caring for life or for fear from a human to fight it, BUT I had not time, nor moments to think; I sprang on it’s back, and started to slash and hack.

I must have been as crazed as the beast; with strength and speed, I knew I not had! And as I was falling from the being’s back, I slashed just one more time, and it sliced through its neck!

Karen Dino Dragon Fallen Mangled Attack 5-11-2015

“Beady Little Eyes Protrude from it’s head, though they were nearly closed now when I shot the photo AND as you can see, blood covered it’s head, and my hacking and crazed defense did it’s harm to it’s head. As you can see from the top picture, It’s true color was green, but the blood gave it a demonic look instead!

Karen Attack - Sliced Off Head of DinoDragon 5-11-2015

Look closely my friends, and you will see something different; you will see from the left side where another “Head Comes From Within It’s Large Head”. The smaller little head juts out from between it’s teeth. Just as in the movie(s) like “Alien” and others too, “Two Heads; one within the other, are truly “The Norm”. I always say Science Fiction is REAL, but most never do see, the reality of life all around them; the result of their “Mental Screens”!

Karen DinoDragon Attack - Fallen 5-11-2015

I know the beast is UGLY and Never Before Seen: It Flies through the Skies, barely ever witnessed by any living man, but Fate Kept Us Both Alive, for just another day!

Karen CLOSEUP Leg Wound DinoDragon 5-11-2015

As you can see from the Injuries Karen suffered that day; the monster’s teeth where well over 2 inches long as they sank into her leg. The other scratches and cuts were minor by far.

Karen’s luck that day, last Monday, and its horror to me put me into a trance for four days, and just now I came awake and alert from the shock to relay this info to all who might care!

Never let down your guard or “have no fear”, as monsters, they are ready to jump on your “not looking upward” or “looking out there”!

Be alert my friends, be awake and always prepared; as always the underworld creatures are planning to ATTACK WHEN YOU SLEEP!

Yes, This Horror is Over, for NOW But What Should You Do, when other beasts run amuck? What could I have done, if not for the LONG KNIFE, the Machete I use often Did Its Job Well: It saved a life, as it cut through its foe. Never Take For Granted, this tool or its purpose; it cuts down the brush and small growth. It Cuts Off The Head of DinoDragon’s Head! It’s not pretty or neat or clean with it’s cut, BUT who cares of that as it did a SAVIOR’S Job!

Yes, DinoDragons are REAL as Could Be: I Saw It, I Fought It, I Survived Its Might, Size and Strength; and BEST of All, My Darling Karen SURVIVES with “Just A BIG BITE”!

Yes 4 days have now past and the results you can see, but Karen  just limping and the soreness and swelling are Souvenirs to it’s Being Real!

We shall never forget it; nor think it has no peers! We always “Look Up” to the skies, as we move through the night! Thank Goodness, Mr. Moon, you were Present That Night!

———- These photos likely will never appear again, nor can you ever see the creature, DinoDragon as SHORTLY AFTER our encounter, a special “never heard of” government, para-military group arrived at the scene and Quickly Removed the Massive “30 Footer” in secret Semi Trucks! They warned me “not to mention, or show, or repeat” But I think society should be made aware AS THEY SLEEP!

Good night my true friends; good night, pleasant dreams; BUT NEVER Forget or Take For Granted, that Your Rest is SO SAFE! Real Monsters are Among Us and Watching You “As They Watch ANY TASTY TREATS”!


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