BUFFALO SABRES DRAFT PUTIN: He shoots, He scores — eight times – StarTribune.com

Putin shoots, Putin scores — eight times – StarTribune.com.

Have you heard the latest news, the Buffalo Sabres have DRAFTED Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia!

Can you blame them? Heck, just the other evening, Putin put on a SHOW For The AGES scoring 8 goals against VERY SKILLED Opponents! —- He just couldn’t be stopped; he was amazing, darting past them, around them and through their best defenses!

The crowd could not be stopped as they shouted “Putin, Putin, Putin”! Russia might even make him An EMPEROR !!!!!

He Fights Bears, Can Shoot the Lights out at a distance few can even see, manhandles anyone who dares fight him and has the genius that “Einstein would envy”!

Yes, the Buffalo Sabres WANT PUTIN BAD!!!   —- Can you blame them ?


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