Brain implants let man control robotic arm with thoughts – Telegraph

Brain implants let man control robotic arm with thoughts – Telegraph.

This New Implant / Device is WONDERFUL ; Far Too Long In Coming !

But at the same time I say that; I am saddened by the fact(s) that “mankind has not arrived at this point LONG AGO. Mankind SHOULD HAVE “solved this” and all other “ills, and vices and deficiencies Already!

—— IF “man” ONLY Had The LOGICAL Intelligence to realize HOW RIDICULOUS and EVIL All “man” has ALWAYS Done, worshiped, thought of and Worked on was ABOUT “Conquering & Controlling” “WHATEVER & WHOEVER” he can! More Weapons “to defend” (supposedly), Greater GAINING and SURPASSING of Others and Other Things, More STRENGTH, be it military or economically TO OVERWHELM Others; Larger Houses, Faster Cars, Tons of Shoes, Purses, Tattoos, “Shinier Stuff”, “Fancier Foods, “racier movies”, media and events, “BUILDING EMPIRES” are “thought of AS GREAT”, Gaining More WEALTH & POWER “makes people WANT TO BE LIKE and or WORSHIP Those (pitiful) PEOPLE”!

We LOVE VIOLENCE & DESTRUCTION! Watch the UFC or Football or “love the fights in Hockey”, Play Violent Computer Games, Love to See All These “Home Shows” Take SLEDGE HAMMERS to maybe older BUT Still GOOD Kitchen Cupboards, and Cabinets, and Windows and Doors, etc., Love to See “Your Sports Team” or Political Side or your Religion WIN and Even CRUSH OTHERS who “are NOT “just like you”, think more money FIXES THINGS, etc. —–

Yes, IF YOU Are ANY OF THE ABOVE; You are Very WEAK and Deficient of Heart, Mind & Soul!

Surely “Friendly Competition” is GREAT!!!! But when I play or even work, I ALWAYS SHARE and WANT the Other Side and ALL Peoples and Creatures and things to WIN, meaning “All Get Better, Healthier, WISER, More Caring, Giving, Creating, Free, Unlimited in anything and everything and in all ways, wish for more love, GREATER INTERCONNECTION of the mental and emotional and physical to turn Time, Places, Things, People, Elements, Energy ALL INTO what they REALLY ARE “All one with each other” PERIOD in the minds and hearts (as all REALLY ALREADY and Always Have Been “One with each other and each other part of it all” – INTERCONNECTED with no past, present or future of separation!

IMAGINE IF — Yep that’s One Big “IF”, mankind Has Moved Beyond “survival of the fittest WRONG THINKING MODE” where “the fittest to MAN Means “Able To KILL AND CONTROL ALL OTHERS” But rather “FITTEST” to MEAN “Most Wise, Intelligent, Decent, Caring, Loving, Connected, Creative, Able-To-Evolve & Change” to DARE TO “Throw out all what was or is and Go Beyond To UNDERSTAND That Most of what Was Thought to Be RIGHT, Has Always Been WRONG and Handicaps and Hancuffs Man’s Abilities To Go Far Beyond even the wildest of dreams to Become Far More Than ANY “God” Could Ever Be!

Yes, By Now: Mankind SHOULD Have Solved All Cancers and Other Illnesses, Have No Hungry, Poor, Enslaved, Unhappy, Unfulfilled or “needy”. Mankind should have Modified the human race to Evolved Away From ANY VIOLENCE or HATE or FEAR that Makes “Believing in Deities WANTED or “needed, by the ignorant, or thinking that “power is good” over others or that “one thing, person, society, animal, plant or other entity is BETTER THAN OTHERS or “more worthy”.

—— To ILLUSTRATE Just How LIMITED MAN (likely you, the reader here) is, I ask you one question: Do you think that the Guy With The $Billions is the Man Who “KNOWS & UNDERSTANDS Money & It’s Proper Usage” and ” Is GREAT At Handling / Managing Money”??????


If YOU Say / Think That “If You Only Had a Bit More Money” (or maybe “a lot more money”), then You Would “Be Fine” and “Everything Would Be OK”, then too, You Are So WRONG & UNKNOWING!

————-WHY?????? That is SIMPLE! If The BILLIONAIRE Needs Billions of $$$ or Even More Than say “$50,000 annually”, Then That Person (and You too) Have NO IDEA Of “Really How To Use Money” or MANAGE IT WELL!  They (and you) Are TOTALLY Ignorant about It and Its USE!

====== Would you say that someone who USES /NEEDS say 100,000 gallons a DAY of WATER in their home “IS GREAT WITH USING WATER” or Is THAT PERSON TOTALLY In The Dark About WATER USAGE and The Management of It????????

Of course, That Person Is TERRIBLE with it and IS A WASTER of The PRECIOUS WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the Person Who Gets By With Say 2 Gallons a Day of Water and that means he/she is CLEAN,  well nourished with plenty of fluids too, keeps a clean home, is productive in many other ways to create and or perform various beneficial tasks, etc.: Is THAT PERSON The REAL HERO and EXPERT “ABOUT WATER & ITS USES” ????? —– OF COURSE he/she is !!!!!!

SO Why Is ANOTHER RESOURCE (MONEY) Any Different ????? —- The NEEDY PERSON WHO “Needs MORE MONEY and Maybe LOT’s Of It”, Is THE WORST ONE TO Have or CONTROL ANY OF IT!!!! They Have NO IDEA what ANYTHING “is all about”!!!

Why the Hell then Do YOU Vote For, Worship Them (or “it”, meaning money) by “asking god to help you get more of it” etc. or SUPPORT anyone who Has Lot’s of It, or SPEAKS of IT as more than pieces of paper used to make transactions easier ??????

Karen & I ARE AMAZING WITH $$$; my 2 girls ARE EVEN MORE AMAZING With $$$ (I Taught Them WELL), My MOM (and dad when alive) ARE AMAZING WITH $$$$$!!!!!

Why Don’t You Not only “learn from us but SUPPORT US, and nearly worship us (I hate that word or its meaning but I mean it NOW in the least evil sense to mean “want to learn to get where we are and even better than us with ITS USE)???

My mom for example NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL “get any assistance” or handouts or “help” from government or others even though her monthly income is FAR LESS THAN $2,000 and even $1500. YET MOM OWNS, MAINTAINS and utilizes her 70 acres of land, her home, her equipment and tools and other assets (even tractors and backhoes to name a couple), grows a great garden, EATS VERY WELL, Stays Very Healthy and Active, mows her several acre lawn, maintains her personal “campground” for the whole family, baby sits all my sisters and brother’s kids, runs OTHERS to the Doctor, the schools, for groceries, etc. & At The Grown Up Age of 83 Plays Volleyball WEEKLY in a Volleyball League where she is the oldest by more than 20 years and most range in ages of 13 – late 50s?

AND MOM STILL SAVES EACH MONTH while paying her taxes, her insurances, her other bills, for upkeep needed on her possessions and more!!!!

WHY CAN SHE SAVE and INVEST With a  “POVERTY LEVEL INCOME” when YOUR “Billionaire or Millionaire or Even YOUR “Managers, Directors, Leaders, Supervisors, EXPERTS ALL NEED and WANT MORE $$$$ All The Time ????? Why does a Superintendent of Schools or (in too many states) are the School Board Members PAID at all, or the Teacher who (supposedly) “Cares” about kids, or the Doctor or nurse or Fireman or cop and MANY OTHERS All Who SAY “I Do This For YOU; I Want To Help Make The World A BETTER PLACE” (hmmm that INCLUDES All The Movie Stars, the Divas, the Professional Athletes) All Who Say Just That “This Is FOR YOU, THE PEOPLE”????

Why Don’t ANY (All SHOULD) Say & DO : Take  the first $50,000 annually and WORK IT WELL For Their Own Survival and Growth, BUT TAKE NO MORE THAN THAT ??????

WHY —- That REASON IS SIMPLE TOO ====== IGNORANT, UNKNOWING, UNEDUCATED (formal education “teaches nothing really”), UNCARING, SELFISH, WEAK, FEARFUL, EMPTY and even EVIL!!!!!!  —– And You Either “Want to Be Them” or “Are Them” and or WORSHIP THEM !!!!

SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON MANKIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~ Yes, by now, man should be flying among the stars throughout the universe, and solved all ills and disease and cured and stopped all of man’s MISDEEDS and WEAKNESSES! —- These Big Dollar People and Those that “think like that” SHOULD BE WIPED OUT and Those “genes” eliminated from the DNA of MAN!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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