Moral of the Story is “If You Are Hung Like An Elephant, You Don’t Need Any Damn Corvette ==Texas man, dog, die of heat exhaustion in his locked sports car, unable to get out | Fox News

Texas man, dog, die of heat exhaustion in his locked sports car, unable to get out | Fox News.

OK, OK, ask me what the heck I am talking about!

Well if you want to know, I will tell you THE JOKE that was told to me many years ago by a dear friend who had (needed) a Red Corvette.

It is a really funny joke that he proudly told (but the joke was on him, and he knew it).

Shame here that this guy in the attached article died along with his dog in his Just Purchased CORVETTE! He did not know how to manually open the car’s doors so they both died of heat exhaustion.

—– Anyway, this made me think of that Red Corvette joke Stewart often told.

The Truth Is:::: “If you are hung like an elephant, you don’t need a corvette”: I certainly “Don’t Need One” —smile ——–

Yep, if you want to hear the joke, just ask! It is a bit “naughty” –smile —BUT it does “tell a truth about life”!!!!


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