2 ADULT ASSHOLES & (sadly) a 6 Year Old ALREADY “Trained To Be An Asshole” Too = Woman who pulled son, 6, into Walmart brawl charged

Woman who pulled son, 6, into Walmart brawl charged.

Read the attached article: OK, so the first women (Mills) is AN ASS = her she is is an Electric Cart AND SHE STARTS TO BADMOUTH & HARASS a Poor Walmart Worker TRYING To Just Do His Job.

Then “enters the OTHER ASS” (Stephenson) with her 6 year old son who OBVIOUSLY HAS LEARNED “lot’s or BAD LANGUAGE at Home” & Has No RESPECT or FEAR of / for “elders”.

OK, I am CERTAIN I WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING to MILLS too about HER TERRIBLE BEHAVIOR towards the poor worker, so I am NOT against THAT; Hell, I AM FOR DOING THAT!!! Shame The Damn Lady (Mills)!!!!!

BUT after telling it like it is and THEN LEAVING , Stephenson COMES BACK, STARTS IN AGAIN and THE Fist Fight Starts!!!

Now ADD Stephenson Yelling For Her Son (using profanity) to HIT ad KICK Mills In The HEAD!!! — The NOW CONDITIONED TO VIOLENCE 6 Year Old GLADLY DID JUST THAT AND MORE!!!!

Yes, BOTH FEMALES SHOULD BE IN JAIL and as far as I am concerned TAKEN off the Face of the earth! YEP, you heard me! ENOUGH SCUM and CANCER ALREADY!!!

And The POOR LITTLE KID is LIKELY RUINED For Life with VIOLENT Tendencies and Habit of WILLFULLY HURTING OTHERS no matter what, other than “just for the fun of it”!!!!

Yep, He Is ALREADY RUINED TOO —– Mark my words, Write This Down; within the NEXT 5 Years HE WILL BE ARRESTED and Becoming More Violent and DARING !!!!

==== 2 Asses Do NOT Make 1 Good Kid ====== They MAKE 3 ASSES WORSE =====


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