The BEST @ “HOW TO SCREW PEOPLE TO BECOME A BILLIONAIRE” = Donald Trump will declare $9 billion in assets as he reveals 2016 plans – The Washington Post

Donald Trump will declare $9 billion in assets as he reveals 2016 plans – The Washington Post.


The FACT(s)::::::: For DECADES Trump DECLARES BANKRUPTCY in one of is Businesses on Average of 1 EVERY 6 MONTHS!!!!

Do you realize how many Good Hardworking Small Business Owners/Workers He Says “SCREW YOU” to them! Actually His EXACT WORDS to MANY I KNOW/KNEW over the years was “See that building! I have 75 attorneys working for me over there and They Have Nothing To Do; SUE ME”!!!!!!!!

Well, any of you who know “how the system works” knows that lawsuits take YEARS & these “little guys” who had SIGNED CONTRACTS with Trump, Obviously Could NOT SURVIVE with their finances for YEARS with the HUGE SUMS Trump Owed Them NEVER COMING IN, so 1000s of small businesses went under with these good people LOSING THEIR HOMES, THEIR Cars, TRUCKS, All Personal Property, Their FAMILIES (divorce nearly all the time) and OFTEN with EVERYTHING GONE in their lives, MANY of these good people COMMITTED SUICIDE!!!!!

Hell, even “IF” the courts FINALLY “ruled in their favor” years later, these poor people received ONLY 1/10th of what was owed them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND “More HELL”:::: Several Years Ago, one of CNBC’s Best People sat down with TRUMP for an interview and ASKED TRUMP THIS: “Mr. Trump, why is it that on average, one of your corporations declares bankruptcy”?

“The Donald” (the ASS) CALMLY STATED THESE WORDS “I Only Use The Laws To BENEFIT Me And My Companies. I Break No Laws”!!!!!!!

He is correct: Trump USES THE LAWS (criminal ones) TO USE & ABUSE AND TAKE From Americans, and “these Americans” are YOU, ME & All The Middle Class and Those Who DESERVE FAR BETTER while HE GROWS FAST : (who would NOT “get wealthy” IF you BORROWED or Had Work DOWN at prices of $100s of Millions, and FAR MORE every 6 months & YOU NEVER REPAID IT or PAID FOR WHAT YOU GOT !!!! —– That “Is The DONALD”; the SCUMMER of SCUMBAGS!!!!!

IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, Search for the CNBC Interview with Ted Haines (sp?) & Trump!!!!!!! ALSO SEARCH the Court Records on BANKRUPTCIES to SEE THE TRUTH “if you don’t believe Trump’s OWN WORDS” !!!!!!

Now: What “Laws” Do YOU “Live By”? Are the “The Laws of DECENCY, Good Morals (your word & signature is your bond) and Good Ethics”? If NOT then SAD INDEED!!! — What do you expect your kids to be and do? Hmm, better not get old and sickly: your kids will torture and lock you up for “your dollars and their own self interests ONLY!!!!

And IS THAT (TRUMP) what you want as YOUR LEADER or YOUR “Hero” ????? – God I Hope Not! For your sake, I hope you have a better life than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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