BE VERY WORRIED === Three British Sisters and Their Nine Children Have Joined the Islamic State, Says Smuggler | VICE News

Three British Sisters and Their Nine Children Have Joined the Islamic State, Says Smuggler | VICE News.

Yes, Imagine, Your Wife, Your Kids, Your LIFE Walks AWAY FROM YOU to Be Subservient To OTHER MEN Who KILL, MAIM and Torture Others!!!!

Imagine: You (think) you have the PERFECT Marriage, Life and Family AND SUDDENLY They Are Gone; not just down the road BU let the country to FIGHT & DIE FOR OTHER MEN who they have never even met!!!


Same as You “Got Taken In” by Whatever and COMMITTED TO “the Group”, Organization, Sect, “Team”, “Religion”; These 3 sisters/wives/mothers LEFT Their Husbands, Friends & Lives TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING FOR “Great Users of HYPE, the Media, Social Networks, Mantras and Chants to “Do God’s Work” —


Yep “you Bought In” to Something Like This Probably since you were born and CONDITIONED; These Ladies GRABBED at SIMILAR HYPE just as you then.

NOW, IMAGINE More REALITY: As The Same Groups TRAIN and Brainwash MORE (a snowball rolling downhill, turns into an avalanche) and These People STAY HERE & START TO SLIT YOUR THROATS, Blow Up Airports, Shopping Malls and Sporting Event Terrorism BECOME THE NORM; No One Is SAFE ANYWHERE, EVER!!!

This WILL COME SOON; Mark These Words! It Is Inevitable!

“Small Controlled & Conditioned Minds Can NEVER “THINK” and DO ANYTHING “On Their Own”!!!! You Can’t! It’s IMPOSSIBLE “To Think For Self”, When You or They NEVER HAVE and have Been Trained & Conditioned To EXACTLY THAT: It Is “A REFLEX ACTION of the “Emotional Self” with NO “Intellectual”/ Logical Part Functioning. It has been TURNED OFF LONG AGO!

—-My Systems 7 Programs CAN Awaken That Part of the Brain, BUT One FIRST WANT TO be able to THINK and then Apply My Systems to their lives!!!! SIMPLE BUT No Where Else in THE WORLD will You FIND What I Have, Know, Understand & APPLY! Yes, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE Forever in AMAZING WAYS! — But you must ask for it. You must WANT IT!

=======The SAD PART ======If You Do NOT: Then You Will Be OVERRUN and Not Know When It “Takes You Out Forever”!  ——Yes, the CRAZED ONES COME !!!!!!!!!!!






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