George Washington and slavery – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

George Washington and slavery – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

So YOU Still Think George Washington Was “such a wonderful person”???????


Am I Far SMARTER THAN YOU ??????????????????????????????????????

Let’s see; “A LEADER Who EATS IN GREAT COMFORT with Others In His UPPER CLASS While His FIGHTING MEN Starve, FREEZE, Have No Shoes, NOTHING To EAT” ======Hmmm, He Was NEVER “a Great Leader In My EYES !!! Not anything like TRUE GREAT MEN LIKE MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad LED BY EXAMPLE Not By Whip & Threat & Money & Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Look Further: READ the Attached article: It STATES WHAT I OFTEN HAVE WRITTEN for Decades now: “though good-old-George claimed he disliked slavery, he ALWAYS OWNED SLAVES (126 or so) and NEVER FREED ANY & PUT DOWN SLAVES Who Fought Back or fought for some dignity and even a bit of decency!

AND “good-old-George” ONLY FREED his 126 slaves AFTER HIS DEATH !!!!!!

NOPE ==== To ME ==== GEORGE NEVER WAS “a Great Man” at all !!! He TOO (AS ALL “LEADERS” America ever has had, “just another USER, TAKER,  Abuser and Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw Him and ALL THE REST , Then and NOW !!!!!

Hmmm, MAYBE I AM MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU!!! I REALIZE & SEE & THINK when YOU “just blindly follow, support and BELIEVE WHAT Is Told To You!!!!! – DUH ==== Oh, are you a hypocrite too ????????


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