HISTORY REPEATS = ROME GAVE HUGE PAYOFFS BEFORE IT FELL = U.S. Offers Billions in Arms to Ease Mideast’s Iran Anxiety – Bloomberg Business

U.S. Offers Billions in Arms to Ease Mideast’s Iran Anxiety – Bloomberg Business.

Ah, my headline says it all: Just as the Great Roman Empire Paid Out Huge Sums of Money As Rome Was Fast Deteriorating, SO GOES AMERICA.


Think of “Beggars Begging For Food Just Before They Starve” =========Or Think What One Would OFFER When A Gun Is Held To One’s Head, Just Before The Execution Takes Place  ———

Yes, PANICKING PEOPLE Who Have NOTHING LEFT For Protection, In “Real Money”, In Systems That Work, or In Abilities To Care For Self WILL DO ANYTHING “To Live”!!!

Trouble is ====== It NEVER WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly ========= The End Is Near !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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