ASHAMED ====== Report suggests US children left behind in economic recovery – Yahoo News

Report suggests US children left behind in economic recovery – Yahoo News.

I Told You So; LONG AGO :::::::::::: and now the government is admitting it ===

NEARLY 1 out of 4 kids in this “GREAT COUNTRY” most of you “chest pound to proclaim as SUPERIOR” Lives In POVERTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you PROUD NOW ?????????????????

I told you things would continue to get WORSE & WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since “the Trickle Down Theory that Ronald Reagan Made Famous” and Put Into Effect; The (few) RICH Become SUPER RICH and the POOR, POORER and The MIDDLE CLASS, VANISH and BECOME EXTINCT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, The FEW (Elite) Go UP “like rockets” to IMMENSE, INTENSE WEALTH, POWER & INFLUENCE!

The Poor have no where to go but DOWN “poorer” .

The “MIDDLE who are the ones MAKING ALL THINGS “Work”, Are SQUEEZED and REGULATED and CONTROLLED so they CANNOT Go Upward (It is a Closed Club Above), and as they PAY MORE, EARN LESS, KEEP LESS & LESS, and WORK MORE, HARDER, LONGER, the Middle Have No Time or Resources To FIGHT BACK, Keep On Top of Things and Hence, All Things That Matter SLIP AWAY FOREVER!!! Only “Stuff” and Trinkets are Left for them to Waste Their Time Over. Add the MEDIA (owned and controlled by THE ELITE) PUSH, BRAINWASH and CONDITION “the masses to BECOME ONLY Ignorant, Mindless Asses and told by the media  “how smart they are”, “how cool and stylish they are” and “how they deserve ….” (everything), so they STUPIDLY FURTHER SPEND & BORROW for vacations, manicures, pedicures, tattoos, piercings, sneakers, purses, shoes, electronic distractions (cell phones, games, gadgets), Forget how to cook a (DECENT) meal, Eat Out Daily, Buy Expensive Coffees, Teas, Drinks At “Fast Food Type Places (Starbucks, etc.) and in short, SPEND MORE THAN THEY MAKE, SAVE ZERO % of their Incomes, and GET FURTHER OWNED & CONTROLLED daily. Yes, the Media “says you are smart” BUT “jumping on any bandwagon to support this side or that side” is FOR ONLY FOOLS who Blindly and With Ears Shut too Do The Bidding of LEADERS who are ONLY PAWNS of the Elite!

And like FOOLS, Rejoice when an Athlete Gets His $100 million Contract, “makes the Sponsorship Deal With Nike, a Cereal Company or other near useless concern. You Rejoice at the DIVA, Actor, Singer, Bookseller, Lecturer, and other FAMOUS PERSON Makes $Millions and $MILLIONS that YOU PAY FOR EVERYDAY with EVERYTHING YOU DO, BUY, WATCH (TV, etc.) to Make You Even POORER!!!!!!!

AND You Are SO IGNORANT that You Have No IDEA That “That Fund Manager” who “handled your money LOST you money last year BUT HE PAID HIMSELF OVER $1 BILLION THAT YEAR, or the CEO(s) of Most Companies Do The Same TAKING HUGE AMOUNTS when it is MANY OTHERS THAT Make That Company Succeed!

You EVEN Vote For People Who TAKE, USE, ABUSE and CHEAT, LIE, STEAL and WORSE “as your heroes and Spokesmen for you” (Think Florida Gov. Scott: his company STOLE (admittedly) $BILLIONS from the American Taxpayer, and He (LOOKING & SOUNDING and WAS) SP STUPIDLY “Taking The 5th Amendment, to NOT ADMIT HE WAS THE THEIF over 75 times!!! He walked away with $ 1/2 Billion himself!!! OR Donald Trump who every 6 months CHEATS ALL WHO Had Contracts with him For “WORK DONE” by INSTEAD of PAYING THEM What He AGREED TO and THEY EARNED; he says “SUE ME” and AGAIN and AGAIN Declares one of his companies BANKRUPT so he CAN KEEP THE MONEY for SELF. (No wonder he is a $billionaire – duh)!!!!

Congress Can/Does INSIDER TRADING But YOU CAN’T as FOR YOU “It is ILLEGAL” (ask Martha Stewart and Mark Cuban). The President can “Get A Blow Job”, LIE ABOUT IT and DEFAME the “doer” BUT HE GETS $225,000 for every speech that lasts less than an hour! NY’s Govenour Has LOWER LEVEL PEOPLE FIRED for Fraud, Insider Deals, Cheating BUT He Is The HEAD CHEATER and Side Deal Maker;  Ah, the list is ENDLESS and Yet YOU SAY or een  KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT or any of what I speak of as YOU WERE TOO BUSY TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH or Even THINKING!!!! YOU “Just Follow The Leader, who hands you a LITTLE BIT of MONEY or Makes You FEEL GOOD and Warm & Fuzzy as your mind withers away with ignorance of all things! Hell, you can’t even MULTIPLY ANYMORE!!! You CAN’T Read & Comprehend More than 140 characters.

Your Brain Is MUSH !!!! Your Head is FILLED With “Stupid Nothings Of Value or EVEN LOIC” and YOUR HEART IS EMPTY, Your SOUL SAD & LONELY with NO WHERE or NOTHING TO PULL YOU OUT!!!! (so you jump onto the “church, just believe bandwagon”, the “save the animals chant”, the feed the African kids charity or the stop Selling Guns to DECENT PEOPLE craze, and SUPPORT, GIVE, FIGHT FOR, even INVADE Other Cultures and places ONLY BECAUSE “your leaders” TELL YOU TO (when they would NEVER DARE DO by themselves!

YEP, EVEN “the wars you fight and die for” are all CREATED To HAND OVER MORE POWER, $$$, RESOURCES to Those FEW ELITES while YOU and YOURS DIE, GET MAIMED, Become “Head Cases” Forevermore as your economy, your air, water, soil, becomes more poluted, and deadly for you!

==== Now go and eat that  SUPER PROCESSED FAST FOOD they Told You Was Good For You as they said “everybody does it and LOVES IT; You Should Too” and YOU BELIEVED THEM AGAIN (and again)!!!!!!!

Hmm, no wonder CANCER GROWS and evolves to KILL YOU in VAST DIFFERENT WAYS! The cancer is NOT just your “cells”, but your head, heart, and soul! You As THEY WANTED and PLANNED FOR YOU “are your own cancer now” !!!!!!!

Now Go To Work: Stop At Starbucks on the way: For Lunch, go to ANOTHER FAST FOOD JOINT (while you waste your lunch hour driving, and rushing around, and CREATE MORE STRESS in your life), then back to work, then On The WAY HOME Stop at ANOTHER “Food Joint” to BUY a MEAL For The FAMILY (at great cost, again both in TIME wasted running there and in $$$) and “You All, Eat Separately as you All TEXT YOUR so called “Friends” you have never met in person or FEEL TOO INSECURE to MEET and LOOK AT “Face To FACE”, and SO IT GOES —– EMPTINESS SURROUNDS YOU!!!! —- Even  “sex” is Cyber for you!!!! INTIMACY is NEVER KNOWN or CREATED by You! You Pass “these horrific Traits Down from father to son and mother to daughter”!

BE PROUD INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Bought INTO Your LEADER’s CRAP! You LIVE IT “just as they wanted you to” as you NOW are defenseless and unable to Care For Self or even THINK or DO ANYTHING that “adults 100 years COULD EASILY DO !!!

YES, YOU ARE OWNED and “LOVIN IT” as the advertisements tell you to !!!!

—— America; just another FAILED Former Empire ! Sad that NEVER has ANY “empire” done anything of value BUT has PUSHED, CONQUERED and TAKEN from OTHERS who Were SMARTER, WISER, KINDER, HEALTHIER, and “more human and humane” than those conquerors indeed!!! (ask the Native Americans, the Indians (of India) about “their British Conquerors, the Scots how “wonderful England Treated them”, the Jews, the Natives in South & Central America by the Spanish Conquistadors, and Spain later as they RULED MEXICO, etc. ASK TIBET “how great China is to them now”! Ask them “if their culture has grown better, and nicer with China in control of them”!

Yes, EVERYONE Ever “Conquered” LOST everything and Those Conquerors Eventually Lost Too! (Hmmm, think this: California is USA BUT Soon “More Mexican Than Mexico”).

“Winners” (conquerors) NEVER Make Anything “Healthier” or Better: They Make it OBESE while the rest starve!!! — Most of YOU “are Obese today”, Others STARVE EVEN In AMERICA (remember “1 out of 4 kids) STARVE!!!!

Yep; Their Way (and Your Way) Makes Things SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Can’t You Even “bother to listen, to read my words, and TO LEARN” from me to REGAIN Any & All of WHAT IS RIGHT, GOOD & DECENT? Don’t you like to “Be Happy, Be Content, Be Great,  Be Something besides a Door-Stop”? Don’t your kids deserve a CHANCE ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

(few will read this and FEWER WILL COMMENT, Respond or SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS and THAT Is The SADDEST PART of ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People Run From REALITY like crying babies in the dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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