SOME COPS SHOULD BE TRIED, THEN SHOT ==== Sandra Bland Arrest Footage

Sandra Bland Arrest Footage.

Here is my take on this “Arrest of Sandra Bland” by the “police officer”. Before I begin, let me say I Am a Retired NY State Trooper!

Of course, I did not witness the “traffic infraction” seen by the officer BUT if it is as Sandra Bland mentions (she changed lanes to get out of the way for the police car) then I will ASSUME here, KNOWING How Many Cops Drive with AGGRESSIVE, Drive So Damn Close  TAILGATING that That Cop LIKELY MADE HER VERY NERVOUS so she either did not have time or thought  to signal the lane change.

The WHOLE MANNERISM and TONE of the Cop During the Traffic Stop was OVER-BARRING , Rude and Disrespectful to the lady! He SURELY ACTED “Like a BARNEY FIFE  of Mayberry  (the old TV series); Given 1 bullet and a badge, he thought “He Was King of All Kings” and Everyone Else Is Scum Under His Feet!

Though I HATE smoking and cigarettes, He Had NO RIGHT to tell her to stop smoking in her car in the first place. He certainly was not in danger from it!!!

AND Sandra’s voice and tone was NOT anything more than Annoyed and MAYBE RIGHTFULLY SO!!!! She replied to his questions and never was confrontive to him either!

When he told her to “put out your cigarette” and she said “I am in my car”, BECAUSE she said that; he WENT EVEN FURTHER OVER THE LINE and THEN ORDERED HER OUT OF HER CAR, again for NO REASON BUT SPITE and POWER-HUNGRY BULLYING!!!!

Of course, it all went downhill from there!

That COP IS AN ASS (I have known MANY SADLY)! He Should NOT “Be A Cop” or Have ANY KIND OF AUTHORITY over ANYONE, maybe even “not in charge of himself” (he should be kept sedated somewhere away from others!

Because of WHAT HE DID HERE (and I am CERTAIN This Type of Guy, Did THIS and SIMILAR THINGS ALL THE TIME TO OTHERS); He Should/MUST BE ARRESTED and CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST HIM for Harassment, Assault, False Imprisonment and more! As Far as I am concerned HE VIOLATED HER CIVIL RIGHTS too !!!!!

YEP; Charge Him, Try Him, then Hang Him High !!!!  And to think; NOW THAT poor abused lady is DEAD because of HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=========== When I was a  Trooper, I had the reputation and respect of others as I ALWAYS TREATED EVERYONE Like I Would Like To Be TREATED! Heck, I had MANY what we call “Good Guy Letters” or letters written to my bosses telling them things like How Helpful I was, How Nice I Treated Them, How I Solved Their Problem, How Professional I was, and That I was too nice to be a cop and they would never think I was one if they saw me out of uniform.  —– YES, I ACTED and LIVED Just As My Mom & Dad TAUGHT ME: To Respect All Others, ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we moved to Florida over 13 years ago, I was horrified HOW THE COPS I SAW ACTED and What They Did. Me being the type of guy “Who Wants To Know Things” and LEARN THINGS, I Enrolled in a Police Academy there. I omitted  “that I was a retired cop” as I did not want them to know that, as my purpose there was to LEARN WHY the cops in Florida were so UN-PROFESSIONAL.

Well I quickly LEARNED THAT!!!! I rate the TRAINING “as a 3rd grade level of it”! Also I LITERALLY SAW FELONIES COMMITTED While I Was THERE Both by fellow trainees And THE TRAINING STAFF!!! Yes, The 2 TOP HEADS of the Academy Committed FELONIES. They Forged signatures, they Changed Government Documents and Lied About the Actions of “their favorite, prized Recruit” to hide HIS CRIMES!!!! (of course, I had no other proof than what my eyes, ears had seen and “who am I; just another old guy in the class”!

Getting back to when I was a State Trooper I will add as many of you already know that NY STATE TROOPERS are NOT “just Highway Patrol” as in many states. We (I) handled everything daily from rapes to robberies,  to assaults, to burglaries, to drugs, to domestic disputes, to kidnapping, to murder and homicide, as well as conservation, fish and game, and of course traffic, crashes and other off the wall things like train wrecks, plane crashes. We Did It All. Heck, I was “on TV, the Radio, in  the Newspaper, at least once a week for years. I even became the main writer for “The Trooper Magazine” as most of the articles in it monthly were MY EVENTS, Arrests, Actions and Experiences as I became “the yound kid that all the other guys would follow and ask me all the time “Kid, How Did You Know …” or “Kid, How Did You Do That”, or “Why Did He or She Tell You, when They Would Not Tell Me Anything”, and much more. Yes, I became “one of the Top Cops in NY State”.

WHY? HOW? ==== All Because I Listened, Watched, THOUGHT, and “FELT THINGS” rather than “jumping in with no sense of who or what was going on and as I say the difference between me in EVERYTHING I DO and HOW I LIVE is “I Feel and SEE It NOT As the Legal System or Technically How It Is, BUT Through the Eyes of the Person/People There AT THAT SPECIFIC TIME and SPECIFIC SITUATION.

In other words “The World Is NOT Black or White, nor should the laws be; Life Is a Big GRAY AREA where sometimes killing someone is THE ONLY OPTION and THE RIGHT THING at that time BUT of course, USUALLY Killing is a TERRIBLE THING indeed. Same as “crossing the double solid yellow line”; USUALLY a BAD THING BUT “there are times and situations when It MUST BE CROSSED”!!!

Also I see where often Good People Go To Jail over something that ANY REASONABLE PERSON would have done the SAME THING if THEY had been in that same situation then; hence That SHOULD NOT BE “a CRIME”. On the OTHER SIDE , often I have seen when “Just because Technically It Is NOT wrong or a crime”, In EVERY DECENT and Logical Way, What THAT PERSON DID THEN WAS (should be) A CRIME.

A great example would be Donald Trump. Even in his interviews and I personally know several that he did this (CRIME, EVIL) to; He Makes and AGREES on “Deals” (if you build this for me, then I will pay you …. $$$$ when finished for example). BUT WHEN The Other Person FINISHES the Job/Deal Doing A GREAT JOB, TRUMP while smiling at them says “SUE ME, I have dozens of lawyers with nothing to do”. These people ARE BANKRUPTED BY HIM. Hell in an interview with CNBC’s Ted Haines a couple years ago Ted asked Trump “Why is it that on average, one of your corporations declares bankruptcy every 6 months”???

Trump smiled and boldly stated “I only do what is good for ME & MY COMPANIES”!!!!!


Trump and guys like him SHOULD BE Tried and HUNG TOO!!!!!! He and THEY are SCUM and CANCERS on the Earth!!!!!

Heck a “fellow Trooper” who ALSO “BECAME RICH” “doing deals” back then DID SIMILAR IMMORAL ACTS all the time to OTHERS so HE COULD REAP  “an extra $100,000 or so from the deal”!!! Yes, Joe S. “Played People”, Befriended Them, and Set Them Up so He Could SUDDENLY SCREW THEM OVER as he RENEGED on HIS CONTRACTS WITH THEM!!!!!!! YEP, Joe Was ANOTHER “TRUMP”!!!!!! Just as Trump BRAGS about SCREWING PEOPLE OVER; Joe S. Did the SAME going into GREAT DETAIL How he SET THE GUY UP all the while SMILING with his shit-eating grin!!!

I DESPISE THAT and ANYONE LIKE THAT!!!!! Don’t You ????? Or Are You THAT PERSON????????

Anyway, getting back to BAD COPS, BAD PEOPLE Period: I Am The VOICE of HUMANITY, FAIRNESS and TRUTH and JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish More People Would JOIN MY CAUSE(s) and SUPPORT ME and MY Deeds and Words too! —– Don’t You Want To LEARN MORE and Along the Way, Make The World a BETTER PLACE, Now and Forever????


DECENCY MUST PREVAIL; otherwise we all have nothing but misery !

Yes there is EVIL and EVIL PEOPLE in the world and just as any cancers, EVIL MUST BE CUT OUT and KILLED! Anything LESS just lets it fester and TAKE OVER! Isn’t that what we have (nearly) now???????????????????? Stop it before it is TOO LATE and KILLS US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Contact Me; Share This and Start To Get Involved! Bad Cops Should NOT Be Even Free Citizens to walk the streets. Bad People, no matter what or where Should Be Imprisoned or executed too! They Sit At The TOP of All Things, Places, Organizations! Let’s Stop Them Now !!!

I await your calls ——- 716 543 7060, Email:, mailing address and personal location: 9491 Main St, Machias, NY 14101.


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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