HYPOCRITICAL (EVIL) HUMANS === Landscaper Sentenced To Jail For Running Over Ducks « CBS Miami

Landscaper Sentenced To Jail For Running Over Ducks « CBS Miami.

Sure makes sense to me: a person runs over ducks and GOES TO JAIL But Many “farmers” (not as far as I am concerned) TORTURE Ducks & Geese SEVERAL TIMES EACH DAY UNTIL THEY DIE.

Yes Force Feeding these Animals Is a COMMON PRACTICE!!!!! AND to Make it WORSE; MANY 10s of 1000s of people RELISH the “delicacy” of Foie Gras that is the result of this FORCE FEEDING!!! Massive amounts of food are PUMPED DOWN the THROATS of these poor animals for the BENEFIT OF MANKIND’s Stomach!

—- Have you ever eaten Foie Gras? If so; You AIDED THE TORTURE of ANIMALS!

These “Torturers” SHOULD IMMEDIATELY BE FORCED TO STOP This Practice and IF ANYONE is AFTERWARDS CAUGHT, THEY Should HAVE HARSH SENTENCES Far WORSE than the Landscaper killing the ducks!!! They Do It EVERYDAY, For MONEY and THEIR OWN “tastes”!!!

Watch this video of this being done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32815SIgq1A.

It SHOULD SHOCK & SICKEN YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

===== Yep; people are SUCH HYPOCRITES and EVIL too !!!!!


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