Well this is going to be rather short and just touch on the issue for now. If you wish further help and or want to join my group(s), just let me know!

Also I will speak simply and “not properly” in my explanations.


I Trade/Invest as MOST of YOU KNOW. Had a very  successful Financial Company (advisory service) and also Wrote a Weekly Newspaper Column for decades called “Learning To Use Money” that was followed by many both rich and famous and the common man who I wished to help most!!!!!!!!!


A recent “trade” I will speak of here. (Again, most will not understand much if anything I write (sadly) but “we will change that for you to EMPOWER & FREE YOU shortly if you so choose!

A couple months ago I “sold Put Options on Southern Company. In other words, I WAS PAID real $$$ to make the transaction. I did this to “make my funds grow” and also chose Southern (SO is the stock symbol) because it also pays a decent, though not great by any means dividend for owners of the company/stock.

Over the next few months, I “did other trades” on it as the initial trades EXPIRED, just as your car or homeowner’s insurance “expires” so if you want it another year or time period, you must again PAY a Fee for that insurance. Anyway, SEVERAL TIMES I Sold Put Options on SO for NICE $$$$.

Eventually Southern’s Stock Price Dropped below what my trade amount (value). Consequently, I was “put the stock” at that set price (above at the time price). === “Looks like I LOSE” you would say, BUT ACTUALLY I MADE FAR MORE $$$$ on the FEE PAID TO ME Each and Every Time I Sold The Option Contract, so I was STILL WAY AHEAD in “real $$$ Value”.

Since I “became an owner of the stock, I turned around and SOLD “Call Options” on it SEVERAL TIMES now, Each time, putting MORE $$$$ into my account (making more money still). I am WAY UP in Real $$$ now!

—- Next month SO will ALSO PAY ME a NICE Dividend; Adding MORE $$$$ to my account!

—-AND when my current “contracts end” (time expires), I will  AGAIN SELL “Call Options”, increasing my “worth” ($$$$s). I will continue to do this forever possibly, getting BOTH “Fees” (we call them premiums) each month & DIVIDEND CHECKS every 3 months!


~~~~~~~ WHAT Does YOUR “Adviser” Do With YOUR MONEY ????

Join My Group! I CAN /WILL EMPOWER YOU FAR MORE Than  you Ever Dreamed!

BTW: I am NOT (any longer) a Financial Adviser or Money Manager; I simply Help YOU, LEARN to Take GREAT CARE of YOURSELF! That Is True & REAL POWER & FREEDOM!!!!  —- As “an adviser”, I (and anyone who is) Is BOUND By Regulations and WRONG TEACHINGS and Knowledge and LIMITATIONS that It SHOULD BE ILLEGAL But “they who are in power & control of The World’s MONEY Make The Rules To HURT, HAMPER & CONTROL YOU!!!!!! I choose FREEDOM, both emotional and financial OVER BEING CONTROLLED and “Working FOR THEM” as THEY GROW THEIR $BILLIONS into $TRILLIONS! Yes, I know this world. I WAS in it and LEFT because it is DISGUSTING and SHOULD BE CRIMINAL !!!!!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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