America Deserves a Servant Leader – The New York Times

America Deserves a Servant Leader – The New York Times.

Yep, he is right on!

What a shock if “those who serve, really served” !

No more jet hoping for golf or to the club or to my multi million dollar estate on Cape Cod, etc. One who stopped the “fancy and elite” events and shows, but rather lived simply and economically sound and stopped costing tax payers $ billions over their lifetime!

The Pope is a great example for all to go by; he cuts costs; gets rid of “fat” and lives simply. He sets examples of what is good rather than what is elite and above all others.

American has never had that kind of guy other than Jimmy Carter but he failed at many other things with his “niceness” and not want to make anyone angry approach.

We need a “go-getter” who is not afraid of work, or hardship or even assassination. Watch how the Pope is open and could be an easy target but he does it anyway!

The pope challenges all and shames those who should be shamed.

Why doesn’t everyone DEMAND THAT from all their leaders? I DO! I Live Like That and SET EXAMPLES EVERYDAY for others to follow and copy and surpass!

Yes, a Servant Leader LEADS and Practices What He Preaches! Never has America had a leader who did that! All have TOLD YOU “what you should do”, but none “have practiced the same” (exception again was Carter).

Hmmm, funny how Many hated Carter as Those Who Are Bad, HATE and Make Fun of Those Who Dare To Question Them! It is just like “the simple minded”; they group together and attack anyone who says anything different or against what they do, how they live and what they practice. I know! I am ALWAYS ATTACKED not with any comments about what I said but rather how I wrote it, or how I sounded or “who am I to have any expertise or knowledge on the subject”. Yep, I misspell or mis-type or use the not so perfect word and I am DUMB and my words WORTHLESS to those true idiots who KNOCK OTHERS DOWN who are  NOT “carbon copies of themselves”! That is where they all LOSE and LOSE BIG and FOREVER!

HMMMM, Sounds like “stupid grows stupid” while in depth thought and logic go untouched!

The ignorant can never debate! the ignorant just attack and make up unrelated things to attack and cut down logic and those who dare to speak it!

Yes, it is far too long that A SERVANT, SERVED AMERICA !!! Trouble is; I see no “servant type who runs for office”! They are all TAKERS, USERS and ABUSERS looking to “serve only self and their own”!



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