Little ASSHOLES in CHARGE TORTURE = Chelsea Manning may face solitary confinement over Caitlyn Jenner magazine – Telegraph

Chelsea Manning may face solitary confinement over Caitlyn Jenner magazine – Telegraph.

Yep, it REALLY SHOWS “the true America” when one looks in America’s Military Prisons and systems:

A Crime to sweep a few crumbs onto the floor

A Crime to Have EXPIRED Toothpaste

A Crime To Have Various Magazines such as COSMO


—- And FOR THESE HEINOUS CRIMES: The Criminal Gets LIFE TIME Solitary Confinement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep And YOU Support These Systems That HARASS and TORTURE with No Recourse of Opportunity to Defend Oneself!!!! And Many of YOU FOUGHT and SENT Your Kids To FIGHT for THESE ASSHOLES !!!!!!

Serial Killers & Terrorists Live Like Kings compared to those who TRIED TO Tell The Truth and ACTUALLY Uphold The TRUE American Way: Honesty, Compassion, Equality and Justice for All!

These ASSHOLES IN CHARGE Should Be Summarily Taken & Hung after a 20 minute “hearing in a public square”! That’s FAR MORE than They Give OTHERS !!!!

Hmmm, Sounds Like Tyrants and Dictators who EAT THEIR OPPONENTS and SLAUGHTER THEIR CHILDREN (and “this is The REAL AMERICA of Today” !!!!!!!!!


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