Apollo 14 astronaut claims peace-loving aliens prevented ‘nuclear war’ on Earth | Fox News

Apollo 14 astronaut claims peace-loving aliens prevented ‘nuclear war’ on Earth | Fox News.

The attached article is very interesting. It speaks of aliens preventing us and USSR to going to nuclear war during the cold war days.

I am not saying I believe it, nor do I say it is baloney either.

What I am commenting about, as usual is the lack of “intelligence” of “agency heads, and so called experts.

In this case it is the skepticism of Nick Pope, former  ministry of defense UFO researcher.

His statement that he doubts that if there were aliens, they would be a million years more advanced than us and could do anything is TRUE; they could and should be able to do anything.

But THINK THIS:::::: If aliens were a million years more advanced than us; they would see us “as amoebas, so simple and crude that they would not be bothered interacting with us at all!

ONLY beings that were relatively CLOSE IN OUR “Human State” of intelligence would CARE! Yes, they would be the ones “WHO RELATE TO US at least a bit, so they would be the ones to possibly PREVENT US from KILLING/Exterminating Ourselves!

The farther one gets from what they see; the LESS THEY RELATE and even LESS “how they care” or “can be bothered with it”!!!!!!!!!!

Heck, think “Elite BILLIONAIRES and The Super Powerful, “those born with a silver spoon in their mouths”, etc.: They REALLY CANNOT RELATE TO YOU or ME , Hence they look at us like minnows in the sea; to be used as cat food or to feed their big, prize fish or animals or for their entertainment only! — OR actually and usually the case: YOU & I ARE NOT EVEN “a thought in their minds and WE are MORE OF A PROBLEM that makes their lives worse. — THINK: “rain falling on their heads” or ruining their outing, or garbage from their FEASTS or “shit under their feet”.

AND if you  THINK these people/groups/ rulers THINK ANY MORE OF YOU THAN THAT, You Are The FOOL and you might get them LAUGHING AT YOUR FOOLISHNESS and become an even bigger “JOKE” to them!!!!!

Yes, if aliens did prevent the USA and USSR from going to Nuclear War, then LIKELY they were Much More Closely “Like Us” than ANYONE or ANYTHING ELSE!!!!

—– Yes, as I ALWAYS SAY: The higher you go, the less you know, and the less able you can think and reason and see the truth or facts! Nick Pope, another “expert”, proves my point. Everyday in every way “experts” further prove my  THEOREM as FACTS ARE FACTS!


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