For Decades I’ve Told You ==== The human ‘superpredator’ is unique — and unsustainable, study says – LA Times

The human ‘superpredator’ is unique — and unsustainable, study says – LA Times.

Yep, for many decades now I have told you all about man being the most vicious of all predators! Man is a KILLING MACHINE with no logic or sense that HE OVER-KILLS at such a rate that HE REALLY IS KILLING HIMSELF!

Yes, I have said that man has been this way since coming out of the caves eons ago!

Man has NOT “Grown” Wiser, Smarter, Better, More Compassionate, More Logical, More “Godlike” or “BETTER” in any positive way. Man has only grown BETTER as a DESTROYER with no ability to see that what he destroys, will also destroy man too!

—- The “scientists” in this study were “surprised” by HOW Well We Were At DESTROYING But I am Not!

I KNEW “all is not well”. I knew/realized even as a young kid that Man is a “Killing Fool” who Kills Self without even realizing it!

Man makes his own world “hell” by his own actions! And never looks back to learn a thing!

Extinction is the end of all Evil Empires; The Human “Empire” is now winding down as they all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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