What Is “Theta”? How To Make It Work For You!

Ah, “THETA” ; it is far more than “some fraternity or sorority” !

Theta EITHER “costs you” or if “used for your benefit; Makes You $$$”! —- I chose the later! MOST ALWAYS HAVE “Theta” Working Against Their Well Being & Future!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~So “What Is THETA”? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Simply put; it is “time decay of value of something”.

I’ll give a few examples:

“If you do not learn how to save and invest and prosper in your future well being”, then LIKELY “your future WILL BE DIM”! You will be OLDER, GRAYER, Less Strength, Be Slower and Stiffer and Grow Tired More Quickly (and have other health problems) and eventually at least, have to stop working because of health issues.

Yes, you will POOR With Limited Income (yet need more income because of increased costs of health care, need for others to do what you might have always done for yourself in prior years, so “that little leak in the roof or the plumbing might “BREAK THE BANK”! And “that is only the beginning of SADNESS, LONELINESS & IMPRISONMENT of your mind, body and soul!

Another example of THETA (time decay of value) is “your homeowner’s insurance” or “your auto insurance” or “your investments in retirement accounts” or any account for that matter where you wish to grow. We’ll take your “money” first and in this case “your IRA or 401K or SEP or “Pension” for instance: IF they grow only a little bit or stay the same or lose $ (value). If NOTHING ELSE, INFLATION ALWAYS GOES UP (even though some things may go down such as gasoline at this time). Yes, HEALTH CARE COSTS, FOOD PRICES OVERALL, Movie & Restaurant Prices NEVER GO DOWN. Add “your TAXES” nearly always RISE, etc. ALL CONTRARY TO WHAT “Government Figures (lie) Tell You! Yes, you are getting poorer EVERY DAY!

Now let’s use your “Insurance Premiums” (auto, home, etc.) as great examples that are EASY TO SHOW THEIR “TIME VALUE WORKING AGAINST YOU”= Say for instance that your home owner’s insurance costs you $1,095 annually as an example. That means that DAILY YOU PAY (LOSE) $3, not a great deal of money but still YOU ARE $3 a DAY POORER Because of THAT COST ALONE! (divide 365 days into $1095 = $3). Say your CAR INSURANCE COSTS THE SAME (just for easy numbers to figure); That ALSO COSTS YOU $3 Daily! —- Are you “feeling poorer”? You should be! AND Too; “you normally WORK 5 days a week BUT THESE COSTS TAKE FROM YOU 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, be it vacation, work, days, off, sick days, etc.!


Theta Is Evil, Right?????? It should be! ———–

+++++++ WELL, MAYBE “Theta” Can Be A GREAT THING”! It Can WORK FOR YOU instead of “you working for and against it”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the most part: This is HOW I LIVE= I USE THETA To My Advantage! I Let THETA “work for me” and Each and everyday, I Grow WEALTHIER, HAPPIER and I Think, A Bit HEALTHIER TOO!

Yes, To Me (and Those I Teach/Guide): THETA I WONDERFUL!

“How do I Use Theta To My Advantage”, you ask: Well let me quickly explain enough to possibly make you think and wonder and INQUIRE MORE For your own good and the good of your family and friends!

“Just Like Your Insurance Man / Company”, I ALWAYS COLLECT “PREMIUMS”! In  short: I Am “an Insurance Man” who TAKES FAR LESS RISKS Than THEY (your actual agents and companies).  Heck, I Take Far Less Risk THAN YOU!

While “You Gamble” (buying a house, renting one, buying or owning a car, investing by “buying stock in a company or handing your money to a Financial Adviser or Money Manager or Your Bank or Banker ALL ARE GAMBLING! ===== Yes VERY HIGH RISK FOR YOU! All At Best, a “50/50% Chance Your Stuff GOES UP or continues to pay a Dividend or Your Interest Rate (best now for CDs, or 30 Year Bonds or other similar RISKS is approx. 2% a best! — TERRIBLE RISK And Yet Inflation eats Far More $$$$ Than You GAIN !!!! Yes, You Are GETTING POORER EVERY DAY, usually Not Realizing It!

~~~~~~~~~~ USUALLY I “take little risk, say 10% risk of “not making everything I may have made” (still not “losing” very likely; just making less).

I am “the one who Makes That $3 Everyday FROM YOU”! Actually I “make far more than that and normally “commit to you for only about 30 days or so”. Yep; You Pay Me to “insure you” for “just a bout a month at a time. WHILE YOU (and the “experts” you hire/trust) PAY ME!

For a great example that is “not quite actual” but is actually could be a part of “my deal with you or yours” is say “YOUR HOME”: Say, you “want to guarantee for the next 30 days that your house with a current value (today) of say $100,000 can hand you “$80,000 anytime this month” while you turn it over to me.

Hmm, would you think that anyone in their “right mind” would PAY ME Real $$$$ for “my guarantee of them getting paid ONLY $80,000 On Their House That TODAY IS WORTH $100,000??????     CRAZY RIGHT ???????   ——

Well, Maybe BUT MILLIONS of People PAY ME “just for that same GUARANTEE EACH MONTH! They pay me a LOT !!!!!And I “insure” MANY 100s and 1000s and even 10,000s of them EACH MONTH!!!!!

Now Stay With Me: Say “you pay me $100 for That Guarantee For 30 days”! And say another 100 people pay me about $100 EACH too === That Equals $10,000 INCOME TO ME Each 30 days!

Now “for the THETA”==== Everyday, YOUR “Guarantee from me” is WORTH LESS TO YOU as It Will End With NOTHING “in your pocket” but “just AN EXPENSE To You” Each Month of $100. Each day It Cots You approx. $2.28 ! After say 15 days go by, then it is worth maybe only $50 to you BUT I “have made “That same $50 from you alone”!

You Get Poorer , I Get Richer !

Say Next Month Your House Decreases In Value to say $90,000; THEN I offer you ONLY $70,000 for That Next 30 Days for it, BUT You Still Pay Me say $100 for that guarantee again! — and so on and so forth it goes; I collect “your premiums and you pay me those $$ like clockwork”.

Statistically, I take a RISK of LESS THAN 10% that “your house will fall that much, that fast”! —- WHO “GAMBLES”????? NOT ME!!! You Have Tons Of Risk; I Take LITTLE RISK INDEED!

==== Wouldn’t you HAPPILY “go to a Casino To BET” , IF YOU HAD A 90+% CHANCE of WINNING EVERY TIME ????????  —- Of COURSE!

Yet, MOST OF YOU Go “Gamble there with Far Less Than  50/50 chance” and BET ALL YOUR MONEY & LIFE on “your house, your car, your other investments GOING UP IN VALUE” which is AT BEST “a 50/50 chance” — OH MY !!!!!

Hence, I Grow WEALTHIER While You GROW POORER (or must work longer, harder and have FAR MORE “STRESS” in your life than I Ever Would Want)!!!!!!

——– Yes, This I What I Do Daily, Monday Through Friday (excluding Holidays) So TIME WORKS FOR ME ==== THETA WORKS FOR ME (And PAYS ME WELL)!!!!!!!!!!!!

“ask, and I can show you what I do and anyone can do”!  —– Stay ignorant and PAY ME MORE as you Grow Poorer, Weaker, and Needier Each Day.


——– Yes, This I THETA : Time Value Explained ——-

——– This is TODAY’S LESSON on “How To THINK Properly& Logically” ——



About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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