10 Of 14 People Arrested Would Be Executed In Many Other Countries

Read the attached short article that lists various crimes and defendants.



Listed are 14 individuals, most who are involved with drugs, alcohol, “sex crimes” and theft.

In Many Other Modern Nations of The World, likely 10 out of the 14 people would be EXECUTED for their Crimes! The other few would likely Get A Hand Chopped Off at the very least!

Yes, China, Saudi Arabia and many many other nations around the world FIX & SECURE Their Societies and their GOOD PEOPLE By “CUTTING OUT CANCERS”!!!

Sadly , here in America and so many “Western Nations” We “MAKE EXCUSES FOR THESE EVIL, and HEINOUS CRIMES instead”!


“Drug Addiction Is A Disease” is the Cry from all the “good deed doers” who SCREW UP THE WORLD (guess these people are SO WEAK ,FEEBLE and LIKELY To Be Druggies, Be Alcoholics, Be Child Molesters, Be Thieves so they “Make Excuses and Coddle “Others Like Them”. The Only Difference is THESE “Coddlers” Have Not Yet Been Caught!!!!!


Imagine This :::: You , Your Kids, Your Neighbors, Your Friends, Your Co-Workers, YOUR LEADERS “watch someone HUNG and quickly Hanging LIMP from the Gallows” and maybe that person watching is maybe thinking about “doing the drugs, foundling the child, stealing the ….” or maybe they HAVE BEEN DOING THAT But NOW SEE The RESULT when Caught= HUNG TILL DEAD!!!!  —– That just CREATED Millions (all who watched) of HONEST, NON-Drunks, Non-Druggies, Non Abusers, Non Thieves INSTEAD!!!

TRUST ME when I speak of these things!!! I started studying and learning all about “What Works versus what does not” and about OTHER SYSTEMS across the world over 40 years ago.

I “was awakened” way back then when I first met a group of Saudi Arabian Leaders in Managing and Securing the Good For Their Society. Yep; They BEHEADED those who would have done what 10 of these 14 did!!!!!! 100,000 would be viewing in the stadium where the sentence was carried out. The other 4 as I mentioned, would likely Have Their Right Hand CHOPPED OFF for their crimes!

————Sounds “Terrible” = You Bet !!! BUT It Just SAVED those 100,000 From DOING THE SAME THINGS and SAVED the Rest of Society From HAVING CRIMINALS Inn Their Mist, Creating Problems and Worries!


And for those of you “who think” “Drug Addiction Is A DISEASE too” == Ponder This: Did Anyone FORCE That Person To LIGHT UP, To INJECT THAT DRUG, To SWALLOW THAT DRUG, To DRINK THAT ALCOHOL, To “HUFF”, To “Puff” and to Even Consider What THEY KNEW WAS A CRIME, COST MONEY, TOOK TIME and Wasted Other Resources and Likely Is Addicting” YET THEY “Did It Anyways” !!!!!  —– Hell They (and All Their “so-called Friends) Should Be HUNG To, “Just For Being STUPID & Not-Giving-A-Shit !!!!!!!!!


Ask anyone who was in in any capacity IRAQ, Saudi Arabia, and The Middle East During and after Desert Storm and other conflicts back then About HOW $$$$$ MILLIONS of Equipment and Supplies Were Just Left UNGUARDED in Enormous Piles where ANYONE Could “Help Themselves” with NO ONE To “see or know They Stole Anything” —- Guess What ==== NOTHING WAS EVER TOUCHED!!!!!!

To this day, these countries have VERY LITTLE THIEVERY, Nearly NO “Drunks” or DRUG PROBLEMS or THEFTS or Other CRIMES Committed!!!!


FACT IS ===== “That System Works”!!!! Western “Hand Holding EXCUSE MAKING and Poor Them” CRAP CREATES & ENCOURAGES ALL CRIMES, STUPIDITY and UNCARING WAYS!!!!!

Yep, Let your kids Cuss You, Treat You Like Dirt, Never Work, Do Chores, Respect Others and TAKE, USE & ABUSE and What Do You Get = A Person Who HATES Himself/Herself, Has No Values or VALUE They SEE In Their  MIRROR that they Are Uncomfortable with themselves and They Feel EMPTY and ANGRY and UNDERSTAND NOTHING == Look at All the Blacks in Ferguson, and other cities who RIOT for instance of BROWN himself there who Had Just COMMITTED VARIOUS CRIMES in the Store Where He Stole, ASSAULTED and Gave DEATH THREAT To The Store Owner, AND THEN Was Enraged At a Cop Telling Him To Stop and then going after the cop who “DARED” tell him to do something!!! His Incompetent Mom and Dad NEVER TAUGHT HIM ANYTHING nor ever Had His Respect = His Parents CREATED An EVIL PERSON who DESERVED WHAT HE GOT!!!!

Millions of “parents” no matter of what color, what religion, what “class” Do The Same = THEY CREATE MONSTERS Who Must Be EXECUTED Too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Too bad the parents were not “killed off” Before They “Had Kids to MESS UP TOO”!!!!



hurting, stealing, raping, using, abusing, enslaving, imprisoning, YOU & YOURS!!! Imagine “Never LOCKING YOUR HOUSE DOORS, YOUR CAR DOORS, Having To NEED Others (cops for instance or private security) around you and yours and NEVER WORRYING About Your Purse, Wallet, Bank Account, Food in your garden, “crazed” and incompetent Drivers in the same roads as you, etc.  ———- THAT IS WHAT IT EASILY COULD BE & SHOULD BE !!!

=== Remember ==== IT IS YOU WHO ALLOWS “Bad Crap To Happen” In The First Place By “NOT-TENDING TO BUSINESS” in the first place (ah, just because “you don’t have a kid” or even “teach your kids well” Does Not Mean “YOU ARE TAKING CARE TO MAKE CERTAIN GOOD, HONEST LEADERS ARE ELECTED, and EDUCATION ACTUALLY TEACHES rather than just regurgitates information and expects it puked back, and YOU NEVER GET INVOLVED and DARE TO HELP or STOP bad things and bad people doing Bad Things —- It is like “a professor” who says “Drugs should be stopped at the borders” RATHER THAN the ACTUAL PROCESS THAT STOPS COMPLETELY “Drugs Entering The Country” == That Is IF NO ONE USED ILLEGAL DRUGS, BOUGHT THEM, Then MAGICALLY Non Would Be Sold as THERE IS NO MARKET FOR THEM !!!! Drug Dealers, would be like THE EXTINCT Doo-Doo Bird !!!!!!

Keep BELIEVING As You Do That “people can be helped and should be AFTER BAD SHIT HAPPENS and soon ALL (99.999999%) ARE CRIMINALS !!!!!!!  —- oh, hmm, MAYBE THEY ALREADY ARE and YOU LOOKING IN THE MIRROR Should Commit Suicide To HELP THE WORLD Before YOU Do More Harm !!!!!!!!!  —- If so: I’ll Gladly Pull The Lever That Hangs You Too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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