Parents Shockingly Back Out on Surrogate Mom Pregnant With Twins: ‘It’s Your Problem Now’

Hmm, READ the Article Below (attached). It is about a women who was a PAID SURROGATE for a couple who once she became pregnant, she soon discovered she was carrying Triplets; Yes, 3 BABIES!

The “Contractual Couple” told her “Get a REDUCTION so you will have only TWO (2) babies. She COMPLIED!!!!

======== Isn’t That AN ABORTION ??????????? Hmm, How SIMPLE; Rename ABORTION “REDUCTION” and Everyone Is a GREAT PERSON!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmm ::::: To ME, An Abortion Is An Abortion!!!!! “That loving, caring surrogate” Is REALLY A “bought and paid for BABY KILLER”!

As you read “her story”; you will see that THAT KILLER COUPLE Then RENEGED and Stopped Payments and WALKED OUT ON THE “DEAL”!

As you will also see, the (loving -ha ha, NOT) Surrogate eventually “got control of the babies and GAVE THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmm, SHE THEN LATER, Became a SURROGATE For THREE (3) Other Couples ANYWAY!!!!

— Stay with me for a moment longer::::::: Though she STILL WANTS BE a Surrogate Mother, She Is LOOKING FOR Another Woman To Be The SURROGATE For A CHILD Of HER OWN ——–

DAMN, SOME SICK LADY!!!!! Mentally UNSTABLE! Morally VOID & As Big a PROBLEM TO SOCIETY AS That Couple Who Along With Her, ABORTED A CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


+++++++++ Yes, READ This Article About “that WOMEN”!!!! SICKOS ALL !!!

Susan Ring’s first time as a surrogate mother couldn’t have gone any better – that is, until the baby boy was born. “Our relationship is great,” says Ring, who had her third biological child – a daughter – in 2012.

Source: Parents Shockingly Back Out on Surrogate Mom Pregnant With Twins: ‘It’s Your Problem Now’


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