ANOTHER HUGE MESS IS BREWING ========Co-living – the companies reinventing the idea of roommates | Business | The Guardian

Before you read this attached article; I want to TELL THE REAL TRUTH of this Fiasco:

Imagine, kids growing up that had to have their own specific foods at meal time; kids who need their own big bedroom with privacy from their siblings and mom and dad; their own bathrooms; cars with their own TVs, media centers for EACH PERSON, separate from the rest of the family’s because THEY NEEDED “their space”, their privacy!

NOW Imagine THOSE SAME KIDS (as adults) LIVING in a house with a dozen other people EVERYDAY, SHARING BATHROOMS, BEDROOMS, TVs & other MEDIA, MEALS MADE BY “the ones picked for that task” and EACH RESIDENT HAVING TO EAT THE SAME FOODS (unheard of “when they were kids growing up with individual choices).

AND what made me LAUGH as I read & ESPECIALLY as I looked at the photos of “THE HAPPY PEOPLE”; For MOST, “that happiness” will last a week or so, THEN Hell Breaks Lose For Most with HATE, DISGUST, JEALOUSY, ENVY, and LOATHING of OTHERS BEING THE NORM! Hell, even VIOLENCE DEVELOPING as people that NEVER “shared” as I did with my 6 siblings HAD TO (1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms, small kitchen, one living room, one black & white TV, 1 radio, record player, 1 meal for all with NO “substitutes”, 1 car, one bus, one school, etc. YEP “1 for all, and all for 1” was REAL EVERYDAY for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell, These “communes” will become “killing buildings” I feel! —- Many will eventually CHOOSE “Homelessness” instead!!!!!

Oh, Hell: Just As I WROTE OF and FORETOLD COMING DECADES AGO: For (most) HUMANS, the World Will Truly Become “THE MATRIX WORLD” similar (and likely far worse) than “The Matrix Movies” Depicted!!!!

“HUMANS” will become nothing more than Food Stock” for other species, or “Zoo Animals” to be watched and kept “like pets” for other beings “entertainment” and whims, or most likely, HUMANS WILL BE EXTERMINATED En-Mass, just as we attempt to exterminate varmints and insects today. “The REIGN of Humans” is FAST ENDING! “Their Time Has Passed!

=====I am glad I got a chance to WATCH HUMANS CRUMBLE THEIR OWN WORLDS as it was very educational to watch “a species that could have had it all, and become more god-like than any so called “gods” humans invented! HUMANS REALLY “Blew It” ! Oh, if they HAD ONLY LISTENED & LEARNED FROM ME!!!!!! They COULD HAVE  EASILY “BEEN GREAT” !!!!!!!!!



Shared housing is nothing new but the number of young people living with roommates has doubled since 1980 and some entrepreneurs see an opportunity

Source: Co-living – the companies reinventing the idea of roommates | Business | The Guardian


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