====Think Stein Is Crazy? Well, You Are Just NOT Very “IN TOUCH WITH REALITY” Then!Jill Stein Calls For New Investigation to Find ‘The Truth’ About 9/11 | TheBlaze.com

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Before you read the article about “what Jill Stein said”, I wish to ENLIGHTEN YOU OF THE (only a couple, at this time) of the FACTS I KNOW. BTW: Until I saw this, I never heard of Jill Stein, so I am NOT “for her, nor against her, but JUST AGREE WITH WHAT SHE SAID HERE!

Now for MY FACTS: mere weeks before 9/11, 2 of my students were PRESSED INTO WORK (24/7) at the World Trade Center. They along with few dozens of others were ordered to work around the clock , 24 hours a day in shifts LOADING  into ARMORED TRUCKS loads upon loads upon loads of GOLD BULLION STORED many floors underground (basements) at the World Trade Center. These workers then HAULED (drove) the ARMORED TRUCKS FILLED WITH $$$$$ BILLIONS $$$$$ AWAY From There To Another (SECRET) LOCATION. —- YES, this was YOUR GOVERNMENT’S GOLD (as some of you know, the World Trade Towers were HUGE FINANCIAL CENTERS.

NOW think back on “How Your Leaders Only Vaguely Mentioned ANYTHING ABOUT ALL THE GOLD “BURNED, MELTED and FOREVER BURIED & DESTROYED” by the bombings! ===== The FACT IS: 100s of BILLIONS of $$$$ of YOUR GOLD (money) Gone Forever, But NOT DESTROYED, Just MOVED and STOLEN FROM AMERICA & AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, HURRY TO MOVE GOLD That Has ALWAYS BEEN & STAYS THERE GONE “overnight”, (well actually over MANY DAYS & NIGHTS of AROUND THE CLOCK “SUDDEN ORDERS”! These type things NEVER HAPPEN (unless NO GOOD PLANNED)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —– Yep, You GREAT AMERICANS “Who Doubt That YOUR WONDERFUL GOVERNMENT Would NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT” Are BLIND and ARE SO CONDITIONED TO “Just Believe” And “go Along With What You Are Told AS FACTS and “as Gospel” (hmm, sounds just like “other areas of most people’s lives”, doesn’t it = BLINDLY FOLLOW & BELIEVE WHAT Those Above You Tell You ======

Now for this NEXT FACT, Do Your OWN “Homework” so You CANNOT CALL ME TOO “CRAZY”: Check Out This FACT:::::::::::::::::::: Just Over 1 Month BEFORE 9/11 He BOUGHT From Loyd’s Of London (one of the largest INSURANCE COMPANIES in the world for “VALUABLES” and ODD TYPE “Insurance Needs” such as jewelry, diamonds, gold, platinum, ART Of All Kinds, and off the wall INSURANCE on “one’s hands” (say for a concert pianist, or model or world famed surgeon, etc.) THE WORLD’S FIRST “””””INSURANCE ON A TERRORIST ATTACK””””””. Yes, just WEEKS BEFORE , The World Trade Tower WAS FULLY COVERED BY 9/11 ATTACK On It  ===============

I could tell you  MORE FACTS But, hey, you likely Do Not Believe Me Anyways! Hence You Stay “A BELIEVERS & Thus “A Joke & Joker Fool” To THOSE WHO Really Control The World, You and EVEN YOUR MINDS & THOUGHTS and yet You Don’t Even Realize That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes YOU LIVE IN “The Matrix” and Don’t even realize it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now; read the short article of What Jill Stein Said!   ———-

Source: Jill Stein Calls For New Investigation to Find ‘The Truth’ About 9/11 | TheBlaze.com


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