Americans’ Average Net Worth by Age — How Do You Compare? — The Motley Fool

Well, if you are “AVERAGE” or BELOW or even 5+ times “better” than “AVERAGE”, then You Really BLEW IT!!! Yes, You NEVER REALLY LEARNED ANYTHING ABOUT “Money, Budgeting, Management or Investing It”! You NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN Handed Your Own Paychecks Over The Years As You NEVER “Were Responsible” Enough To LEARN, TO Not Spend It All On “STUPID” & Un-Needed Things & Events!

In Short: YOU NEVER GREW UP!!!! (Ah, but I bet most of you Had Kids, Vote (and those who you “vote for” HANDLE LOT’S OF OUR MONEY and Yet You Never Learned Enough To Know IF Their IDEAS WERE POSSIBLE and PRACTICAL or Just CHILDISH STORIES THAT YOU “Bought” and WANTED But With NO BASIS Of Ways To Accomplish Them. 

——- Ah, I could go on and on “about you FAILURES” But I Am CERTAIN That “You Think I Am The Evil, Wise Ass, Mean One. No it is you who BANKRUPT ALL SOCIETY & Bring / Make Others (your kids) Just As STUPID & IGNORANT and hence Cause More TERRIBLE DECISIONS & ACTIONS To Further Take Down The World To Lower Levels Yet! —– No It Is YOU Who Is The Fool That Continues The CANCERS OF THE WORLD ——-

Image result for poverty and ignorance

—-Now read the Motley Fool Article About “Your (lack of) WEALTH —–

This article was originally published on May 17, 2015, and was updated on Dec. 18, 2015. It may not be the best way to evaluate your accomplishments, but knowing how your financial situation stacks up against your peers can offer up valuable insight that allows you to make changes to shore up your financial security. In 2011, the U.S. Census Department took its most recent look at wealth by age group, and the findings provide a benchmark that the average American can use to help judge whether or not he or she is on the right track. What is net worth? An individual’s net worth is a financial snapshot that offers insight into how much money a person would have leftover if they sold everything they

Source: Americans’ Average Net Worth by Age — How Do You Compare? — The Motley Fool


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