Duh!!!!! — I Spoke / Taught This 15 Years Ago — DUH DUH DUH —“Experts of Asses” Only!        Modern HEADS = Still In Caveman !Harvard, MIT professors win Nobel in economics for research on contract theory – The Washington Post

Oh, no wonder I laugh at THE WORLD ==== Seems As Everything I “Discovered, Talked About , Taught, or Wrote DECADES AGO is “proclaimed as Great Findings Today” , by Others Who ARE PART OF THE SAD / FAILED SYSTEMS Today!   —————Guess NOT GETTING or BOTHERING TO “get highly educated by FORMAL SYSTEMS But RATHER Learning , Discovering, Inventing, Experimenting, & THINKING ON ONE’S OWN Is Equal To A RACEHORSE running PAST MERE “Old Mares With Only 3 Legs, Going To  The Glue Factory!!!!  —— I FEEL /BELIEVE I AM “Not Human” But Rather Only One From Another World Who Was Sent Here To WATCH “CAVEMEN’S FOLLY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ——- Well, guess being “One With The Universe and It One With Me” further proves that no religions, no systems, no groups, no “educational systems”, no clubs, no professions, no races or economic groups ARE Anything More Than “FEEBLE BEINGS JUST BARELY SURVIVING”!

Oh, My, I’, So Glad I Am NOT HUMAN !!!!!!!!! — Humans Are DEPRESSING SPECIES TO WATCH As They Do More Harm Than Good With “Their Findings and Their So-Called SOLUTIONS that ANY PURELY WISE & LOGICAL (other Species) INSTANTLY “SEES AS COMPLETELY WRONG Or At Best Only 1/2 Right”! Human’s “solutions” are THEIR DEMISE (as they make matters only worse)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, go ahead and read below the article “From Great Minds”  == HA HA, Sorry To MAKE FUN OF HUMANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Their work has influenced fields from law to political science.

Source: Harvard, MIT professors win Nobel in economics for research on contract theory – The Washington Post


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