READ THIS ARTICLE from Hawking, BUT READ MY WORDS At The Beginning Of This Piece!!!! I DISAGREE WITH HAWKING!!!Stephen Hawking says artificial intelligence could be humanity’s greatest disaster

Image result for A.I.– I disagree with Hawking! I think I.A. will enable man to live on! Reason I say that is that though humans will become extinct (as they should), the many ideas and ways of “humans” likely will be passed on (only the GOOD TRAITS, that is). Man’s Brain Flaw (read my book and hear my teachings and other works) will never be fixed, as man is so afflicted by it that logic for each person can never come out. (I know I confused many of you, but here I must be short with my description = ask me for more info please). Though there is a great and simple “fix”, because of that damn brain flaw, no one CAN (as their emotions control their “wanting to learn”, and “daring to learn” prevent them from asking but rather they either run away, claim “they never heard of this”, or simply attack me who speak the facts === It is the same evolutionary trait that eons ago helped man survive, but since has man committing suicide UNKNOWINGLY. it is the “fight or flight” totally emotional REACTION with that literally shuts down the intellectual portion of everyone’s brain! Hence, A.I. though it will cause this NEW “Species” to Reign Supreme and logically end human existence, but through their “wisdom”, A.I. beings will Gain From Man’s Best Traits!!!!!!!


The invention of artificial intelligence could be the biggest disaster in humanity’

Source: Stephen Hawking says artificial intelligence could be humanity’s greatest disaster


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