READ The Article Attached: THEN READ HOW I HANDLE “INEQUALITY & INJUSTICE”!!!!!!Anti-Racist Berkeley Protesters Demand Spaces of ‘Color’, Harass White Students Trying to Pass | Heat Street

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(THIS 1st part is MY WRITING, Below it, is the actual article about the LAW-BREAKING “Non-Whites” WHO BREAK CONSTITUTIONAL LAW and The Bill Of Rights and yet no one stopped them, but “the powers to be” HELP THEM, hence they, the leaders are CRIMINALS TOO)

Hmm, I remember well, when I was in college, during Black Rioting!!!!!! One night a group of blacks THREATENED TO BEAT a couple “whites” when they left the college library. The whites were roommates, so they called and asked for a few of us to escort them back to the dorm. We went there and we walked out together; THE BLACKS STOPPED US (they were a large group with “1 Big Very Dark Skinned Ring-LEADER”, who jumped in front of me and got in my face. HE MADE 1 MISTAKE:::: HE SWUNG AT ME!!!!!!! As His Fist Grazed My Face, I PUNCHED, KNOCKING HIM DOWN FLAT! I did nothing more AS I KNOW How To Fight & Have NEVER “Been Beat” (grew up with literally every Saturday Night Fights in a dance hall where sometimes 100 would try to kill each other with clubs, guns, tire irons, knives, broken beer bottles, whatever, starting when I was 14 when everyone else there was 18+). Being the youngest and smallest, I always was the one “PICKED ON” ::: Ah, The MISTAKES THEY ALL MADE!!!!!! –smile — Yep, every time I “left as pretty as I came. They left HURTING BADLY). —- Well that night at college, the Black Leader got up as I just stood there. He Made 1 MORE MISTAKE: He Came At Me Again!!!! This time, I finished him off tell he fell motionless! (I NEVER “fight dirty”. I just “fight well”!!!!!!!!!!! —– The next day, the Dean Called Me To His Office as he wanted to suspend me, But I had dozen of witnesses TELLING THE TRUTH!!! AND guess what; that Big Black Leader Was THERE in the room and I must say, I NEVER SAW SUCH A BLACK & BLUE & SWOLLEN & MISSHAPEN FACE IN MY LIFE!!!! That Black Leader Got Suspended Instead! —- Well AFTER THAT EVERYONE ON CAMPUS KNEW WHO I WAS!!! — I DAILY STROLLED INTO THE BLACK DORM And Guess What:::: NOT ONE PERSON EVER DARED “Say Boo To Me”, EVER!!!!! —— THAT IS HOW I HANDLE “INEQUALITY” —- I FIX IT BY MYSELF, Without FEAR OF ANYONE !!! I Have NEVER CHANGED! Never Will !!! I just do what is RIGHT and FAIR FOR ALL !!!! —– What About You? How Have You Lived? ?????????????


+++Below Is The NEWS ARTICLE “about the Civil Rights Law Breakers” +++


White students trying to study blocked from key bridge as protesters demand a ‘transgender safe space’.

Source: Anti-Racist Berkeley Protesters Demand Spaces of ‘Color’, Harass White Students Trying to Pass | Heat Street


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