READ the article about “the parents”: THEN Read MY WORDS (ABOUT YOU ALL Who Also Are DRUG PROVIDERS & USERS) written at the top /prior to the article  ——Parents Allegedly Injected Kids with Heroin – as ‘Feel Good Medicine’ – to Make Them Sleep


SAD === But YOU “great loving parents” DO THE SAME ==== Yes, You “inject” your kids with drugs galore!!! You keep them “sedated”! You CONDITION THEM To “Non-thought”, or I call it “DUH LIVING” Forever ! — Yep, think “fast food, processed and packaged foods”, think pills for Attention Disorders and all the other “pills, therapies, special programs”, think Cell Phones, IPads, Video Screens even on the back of your driver’s seat “for your kids to stay ENTERTAINED” —- DUH, DUHH & DUHHER! —— Can you even actually “carry on a real conversation with your own spouse”? Bet not! And if you “think” that conversing about “where to go for dinner” is “CONVERSATION; that PROVES MY POINT ALREADY! You CAN’T CONVERSE as You Know Nothing About Anything and are so Empty & Uncomfortable With SELF that you can’t “talk about sex, intimacy, what feels good, what IS GOOD, what is right or wrong, about how dumb you are about “money, saving, making talk $1 grow and grow rather than “I/we NEED TO BE PAID MORE $$$$”, “talk health”; BAH! Rather you sit, flip the remote buttons, think “walking down the mall hallways is “exercise”, and drive around the parking lot for 10 minutes to GET CLOSE TO DOORS As GREAT, and rather than Cook a GREAT MEAL WITH Spouse, Kids, Family & Friends, You Spend that TIME & FAR MORE $$$ RUNNING TO “Pick up the meal to then bring it home” or “have it delivered to you” — Hmm, you spend a fortune for SHITTY FOOD, for “Drugged Up FOODS” for PROCESSED FOODS that KILL YOU & YOUR KIDS! They also CREATE asthma, allergies, MAKE YOU FAT, MAKE YOU DEPENDENT, Make you feel tired, keep you DUMBED DOWN, and hell, You Can’t Even Get It Up Guys For Sex, and you ladies NEVER REALLY even “had a true orgasm” so you don’t care for sex either, ah, but “love shopping” (as it creates/makes in the brain chemicals that ARE JUST LIKE COCAINE) so you too “are hooked on drugs, and never know it”. Oh, and Yep “you sure know Being Green” or “care about pollution”: Hell you even voluteer to go clean the garbage from the parks, the roads, the beaches, and donate to these great causes; OH MY= While You Sit in Line in your car at Tim Horton’s, McD’s, Starbucks, getting your PLASTIC CUPS You THROW AWAY (and your car pollutes the air running and you spend $5 for “that morning cup”, when if you made it at home in minutes while you bathed or brushed your teeth or put on your clothes, it would cost you maybe $.25 instead.—- HMM Time & Money & HEALTHIER But “ah, not you; You deserve …” — I can tell you “what you deserve” and it “ain’t living on this earth”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —– YEP; You “great parents, teachers, leaders, adults and humans DESERVE NOTHING GOOD as you know little of nothing, and most of what you know is WRONG and what you do and don’t do Creates A More Terrible World For All —- Ah, but what do I know! I should and will be attacked and shouted down as “not caring”, not knowing”, “not understanding” and “just being cruel and evil”!!! — Hmm I Love “being Evil” — Maybe “you too should LEARN TO BE AS EVIL AS ME”!!!!!!!! The world would then be a great place for all, always!

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A 6-year-old Washington boy and his younger sisters were regularly injected by their parents with heroin — their “medicine” — in order to make them fall asleep, prosecutors allege. Both parents have been charged, authorities said, and the children have been removed from their care. Ashlee Rose Hutt

Source: Parents Allegedly Injected Kids with Heroin – as ‘Feel Good Medicine’ – to Make Them Sleep


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